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喬治 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



A fly buzzes around a small green plant.The plant’s open leaves are bright red in the middle.The leaves have a sweet smell.The fly lands on the leaves to get food .Before the fly can eat,the leaves snap shut.The fly is trapped inside.TheVenus flytrap has caught its supper.Juices in the leaves break down the fly’s body and change it into bits of food.Slowly,the leaves take in the food.In a few days,the leaves open wide again.There is no sigh that a fly has been trapped and eaten.The Venus flytrap is ready for its next meal.

The Venus flytrap is not only plant that eats meat.The sundew and the pitcher plant are two other meat-eaters.No meat-eating plants eat anything very big.There have been stories about trees in Africa that eat people,but thses stories are not true.The biggest animal that a meat-eating plant can eat is a tiny frog.

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