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求英文對話 購物(shopping) 有15 點唷!

因英文課要考試 是有關購物的英文對話(2個人),所以請有心人士幫忙一下

需要4分鐘 中英文都要有 內容怎樣都可以 盡量簡單好背的就好 多謝了

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    主題實用對話 - A Flea Market (跳蚤市場) PART B 英文原文Judy: Excuse me ... How much are the clothes at this stall?Stall owner: The clothes that are on this rack cost NT$200 each. The ones on that rack over there are only NT$100.Judy: How about this hat over here?Stall owner: The hat will be NT$150.Judy: I like the hat, but NT$150 seems a little pricey to me. Would you consider selling it to me for a little cheaper ... say NT$100?Stall owner: I'll sell it to you for NT$125.(at another stall)Stall owner: Do you see any appliances that you would like?Judy: This dehumidifier looks good. It would be especially useful now with the damp weather. Does it work?Stall owner: Yes, it does. Let me plug it in for you and show you. Are you getting that for yourself?Judy: No, I'm getting it for my sister. Her apartment is always damp when the weather is rainy.線上收聽    主題實用對話 - A Flea Market (跳蚤市場) PART B 中文翻譯朱蒂:請問一下,這攤子裡的衣服怎麼賣?小販:這個架上的每件兩百。那邊架上的只要一百。朱蒂:那這裡的帽子呢?小販:那頂只要一百五。朱蒂:我喜歡那頂帽子,可是一百五對我來說有點貴耶。可不可以考慮算我便宜一點……一百元好不好?小販:算妳一百二十五啦。(在另一個攤位)小販:有看到喜歡的用品嗎?朱蒂:這台除濕機看起來不錯。現在天氣潮濕,除濕機特別實用。是好的嗎?小販:可以啊。我幫妳把插頭插上給妳看一下。妳自己要用的嗎?朱蒂:不是,我是要買給我姐的。下雨的時候她的公寓總是濕氣很重。

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