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This paper attempts to annotate the psychological complex of the growth course of @@ with the psychoanalysis theory of Freud. At the same time, probe into the creation motive why he wrote so, and the influence of the subconscious factor while his literature style is formed. Then, interpret the psychological meanings of the four kinds of typical characters in @@'s short story. After analysing, readers can understand that the soul fettering of the doctrine that enter a higher school of the education system, and the medical system with keen competition in Taiwan is the greatest pressure source in @@'s literature life. So, all sorts of absurd phenomena and oppression of human natures stemmed from the education system and medical system is the theme that @@ wrote repeatedly. These four kinds of typical characters in @@'s short story exactly demonstrate the self-depressing resistance and the query to value of succeeding in the soul world of @@.

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    This article embarks by Freud's psychoanalysis theory, penetrates to the @@ growth process in the life complex annotation, the discussion affects subconscious factor which its creation motive and the literature style form, from this and enters in its short story the common four kind of type character correspondingly in the author mind projection significance explanation. Thus realized from slightly only takes in Taiwan to enter a higher school the test education system, after as well as the coarsening feels in the medical system to the free mind shackles, is in the @@ literature life biggest constrains the root. Therefore, in the education and the medicine system adds various in the human nature distortion and all sorts of uncultivated land Miao phenomenon, becomes subject which @@ writes repeatedly. But this four kind of type character is presenting in the @@ mind world to the revolt, to the success value question which constrains.


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