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Maggie asked in 科學其他:科學 · 1 decade ago





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    The pig is not merely mankind's important economic domestic animal's animal, someone regarded it as the pet to raise even more, once there was a student to treat piglet as baby and look after and put into one bag of bags bringing in and carrying outside in the department of animal husbandry, or regard it as the film star even more abroad. The pig enters the human family, lives together with people, the neat habits and acquired characteristics of the pig seem important at this moment.

    The sense of smell of the pig is developed, so it joins the behavior that the soil looks for food. The mankind utilizes this characteristic of pig too, the person who helps old Tao looks for and grows the precious material which manufacture goose's liver pat with deep 0.33 meters of underground - a gill fungus, this thing is rare and expensive, so known as black diamond. Because pig's nose is kissed strongly, its kisses and digs the soil to uproot and look for food usually with the nose, so will disarray the environment.

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