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英文翻譯 送10點喔..請幫幫忙


To improve their pricing decisions, service retailers can apply these principles to“capture and communicate value through their pricing”: Satisfaction-based piecing recognizes and reduces customer perceptions of uncertainty that service intangibility magnifies. It involves service guarantees, benefit-driven pricing, and flat-rate pricing. Relationship pricing encourages long-term relationship with valuable customers. It entails long-term contracts and price bundling. Efficiency pricing shares cost savings with customers that arise from the firm’s efficiently executing service tasks. It is related to the concept of cost leadership.

Negotiated pricing occurs when a retailer works out pricing arrangements with individual customers because a unique or complex service is involved and a one-time price must be agreed on. Unlike traditional pricing (whereby each consumer pays the same price for a standard service), each consumer may pay a different price under negotiated pricing (depending on the nature of the unique service). A moving company charges different fees, depending on the distance of the movie who packs the breakable furniture, the use of stairs versus an elevator, access to highways, and the weight of furniture.

Contingency pricing is an arrangement whereby the retailer does not get paid until after the service is performed and payment is contingent on the service’s being satisfactory. A real-estate broker earns a fee only when a house purchaser (who is ready, willing, and able to buy) is presented to the house seller. Several brokers may show a house to prospective buyers, but only the broker who actually sells the house earns a commission. This technique presents risks to s retailer because considerable time and effort may be spent without payment. A broker may show a house 25 times, not sell it, and, therefore, not be paid.

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    它介入服務保證, 好處被駕駛的定價, 和統一價格定價..關係定價鼓勵與可貴的顧客的長期關係..它需要長期合同和價格包。效率價格份額成本節省與出現從公司的高效率地執行服務的顧客..它與費用領導有關的概念..談判的定價發生當販商制定出定價的安排與各自的顧客因為一項獨特或複雜服務是包含的並且一個一次性價格必須同意。不同於傳統定價(藉以各個消費者支付同樣價格一項標準服務), 各個消費者也許支付一個另外價格在談判的定價之下(根據獨特的服務的本質) 。一家搬家公司收取不同的費, 根據包裝會破碎的傢具、對臺階的對高速公路的用途對電梯, 通入, 和重量傢具電影的距離。意外情況定價是安排藉以販商不得到報酬直到在服務進行之後並且付款是意外服務的是令人滿意的。一不動產的經紀贏得費只當房子採購員(誰準備好, 願, 和能買) 出席對房子賣主。幾經紀也許顯示房子對預期客戶, 但唯一實際上賣房子的經紀贏得一個委員會。這個技術提出風險對廠商..因為可觀的時間和努力也許被花費沒有付款。經紀也許顯示房子25 次, 不賣它, 和, 因此, 不是有償的。

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