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維琪 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago






我的題目是~ My favorite movie ~




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  • 1 decade ago
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    My Favorite movie

    I have watch before lots of movie but only one movie can let me remind,which is named"She's the man".It is talking about a woman act like his brother and come to the school his brother read.In the story begin. She is a man-like girl that his brother's girlfriend can't recognize she and her brother,and she have be quit by her football team because she is a woman.She decide to prove it that a woman can do like a man even better than a man.So she act like his brother and learn football very good.At the process of football practice ,she fall in love with a man that don't know she is a woman.In the end of the story she prove to the football team that woman can be better than a man in many times,and the man she loves become her boyfriend.

    This is a good movie that I have ever seen before. If someone give me one more chance to see it again I will be very appreciate at him.

    Thank you for your listening.花了15分鐘掰的 希望你喜歡

    我把它當作一個英文作文來練習 以後有題目也可以問我唷


    希望對你有幫助唷~哈哈 辛苦勒

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    糟糕耶 才五點ˊˇˋ 解救我這貧民吧....

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