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    1.Re: Order No.__________ Dear Valued Supplier, Regarding the captioned order, you and we had mutual understanding, and you guaranteed, that each pack of candy you deliver shall contain two hundred (200) candies. However, according to our examination upon receipt of the candies which you shipped under the captioned order, each pack contains only one hundred and eighty five (185) candies.  We will incur loss and damages from this discrepancy in quantity if we accept your shipment without price adjustment, because the discrepancy will inevitably raise our average cost per candy by 7.5%, and we sell the candies to our customer by piece and not by pack. Therefore, we decided to reserve our right to reject the shipment, before you and we can reach a solution to the abovementioned quantitative deficiency of the shipment.  If you need additional information about this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.   2.Re: Order No.__________ Dear Valued Supplier, We received a shipment of biscuits from you on mm/dd/yyyy under the captioned order.  However, some of our customers complained about the quality of the biscuits.  According to their complaint, the biscuits, which are supposed to be crunchy, are in fact soft and gummy.  As a result, we have decided that this shipment lacks merchantability and might subject to recall.  Therefore, we hereby notify our intention to enter into discussion with your regarding the settlement of this shipment.  If you need additional information about this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • 跟他們進口整袋的糖果(單粒散裝的),之前出口商保証每一袋都有二百粒,但是我們收到貨時,卻只有一百八十五粒,由於我們是以每粒的單價賣給我們的客戶,The candy that we imported before were individually wrapped candy packed in one packge. Exporter gurantee that each package will be packed with 200 wrapped candy in quantity. However, the shipment that we received were packed in 185 instead. Since we sell to our customers by the per individually wraped not by the package................   三個月前進口一批餅乾,現在有客戶反應拆開來吃的時候餅乾已受潮軟化,Some customers complaint that the cookies that we import from you three months ago, were found dampen when they opened the package.................... 

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