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Which country has Manasseh Sogavare as its Prime Minister?

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    I have to say that since I've been answering your questions, I have learned an incredible amount about Australia. Great questions..keep them coming!!

    Manasseh Damukana Sogavare (born 1954) is the current prime minister of the Solomon Islands as a member of the People's Progressive Party. He took office on 4 May 2006. He previously served as Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands from 30 June 2000 to 17 December 2001. His party won only three seats in the December 2001 elections, but his supporters did much better in the 2006 elections.

    Sogavare led the Solomon Islands Social Credit Party into a coalition to oust Prime Minister Allan Kemakeza's chosen successor Snyder Rini, but there was much disagreement about who should be its candidate for prime minister. On 18 April 2006, he received 11 of 50 votes to become prime minister, coming in third place, and then switched his support to Rini, allowing Rini to become prime minister while Sogavare became part of the coalition.

    Following Rini's resignation on 26 April 2006, Sogavare decided to make another attempt to become prime minister. This time the opponents of Kemakeza and Rini united behind him, and in the 4 May parliamentary vote, he received 28 votes, defeating the government candidate Fred Fono who received 22 votes. Sogavare was immediately sworn in. His main tasks include organizing the recovery from rioting that took place during Rini's time as prime minister.

    On October 11, 2006, Sogavare survived a no-confidence vote in parliament; the motion, introduced by Fono, was supported by 17 members of parliament, while 28 voted against it.The no-confidence vote was prompted by deteriorating relations with Australia.

    Here is an article printed Oct 15th that describes the relations between Solomon and Australia:

    Canberra: The government said yesterday it would respond with "dignified silence" to a threat by the Solomon Islands to kick Australia out of a regional assistance mission, further inflaming a diplomatic row between the countries.

    On Friday, Solomons Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, angered by Canberra's pursuit of the Solomons' attorney general over child sex charges, said Australia could be replaced as the main contributor to a regional mission that is made up of troops, police and aid personnel and has been supporting law and order in the islands since July 2003. Its arrival helped end several years of ethnic conflict.

    "We already have contingency arrangements in place to replace the Australian military and police contingent," Sogavare said.

    "I don't want foreigners to continue to push this government to a point where we will make a decision that will not be in our strategic interests. Respect our laws, and we will respect you."

    Australia has attempted to extradite the Solomons' suspended attorney general, Julian Moti, who is also an Australian citizen, to face the sex charges.

    And more from October 20th:

    Australian peacekeepers in the Solomon Islands have raided the office of the country's prime minister looking for evidence in a controversial sex case.

    Witnesses say police officers forced their way in after kicking down a door, and seized a fax machine.

    The Solomons government is accused by Australia of harbouring a prominent lawyer wanted on child abuse charges.

    The raid is likely to further strain relations between Australia and its tiny South Pacific neighbour.

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    The Solomon Islands

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    The Solomon Islands, was born in 1954.

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