91x Nightmare Before Xmas?(AFI, MCR, TBS)?

omg I just found out that Afi, my chemical romance, and Taking Back Sunday are going to be at the 91x Nighmare Before xmas. I wanna go...who has been to an AFI or MCR or TBS concert? How was it?

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    I've seen AFI too many times to list since 98'. I've seen TBS at Weenie Roast this year, they were alright. I've never seen MCR but my friend was at their Halloween show on Tuesday. I already have six floor tickets to this show and I can't wait. Should be one of the better shows of this winter. Davey from AFI jumps into the crowd and is being held up by his fans as he sings. ****** awesome!! Don't believe me I hae the footage to show it!! This will be a great show!

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    91x nightmare before christmas. what the ***k is that?

    pardon my FRENCH, but what is that?!?!?!

    i went to that tbs summer tour with ava and head automatica and eyah man it was frreaking awesome. man i was so excirted and sweaty and smelled so bad and afterwards i literally culdnt lick my lips i was sweating so badly it tasted like someone peed on my lip or something. lol sorry thats pretty nassstttyyyy =]

    you definitly need to go to a tbs concert if the oppurtunity presents itself!!! i had 3 days to go if i was gonna go and i got floor tickets and ended up being in the second row on the floor (second row of people you know) !! man it was awesome


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    i went to the AFI show in long beach in september, it was awesome. they're just as good live (if not better) than they sound on record so i'm sure you'll love the 91x show.

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    ive never been to a concert before, but i am going to go see AFI perform at the 99x mistletoe jam

    (91x and 99x...haha...weird)

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