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Help!!!! please, would ya?

sooo my science fair is coming up and i was wonderinggggggg............................................pls go to www.sciserv.org/document/respln

on the part that says ACTUAL start date and end date do I put the day I started and ended on my project or got assigned it

the form is due tommorrow so it would help if you tell me sooooooon


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    I would do actual start date

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    I would put the dates the project was started and completed for the "actual dates", and the dates it was assigned and turned in for the project date.

  • If it says actual start date and end date, you put the date you actually began the project and the date you actually finished. It's trying to find out if you slacked off or not.

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    Science Fair Projects

    Selecting the Subject

    The student should select a subject, submit appropriate consent forms (see below) and begin working on the project as early as possible in the school year.

    Students should bear in mind that it is not the choice of topic that is important, but the manner in which the project is handled. Often times it is the simplest of projects which presents the greatest challenge to an imaginative and intelligent student.

    •Hundreds of free science fair projects are categorized under the following topics.

    •Click on any of the topics below to view the science projects.

    •You can then sort the projects alphabetically or by their level of difficulty.










    Good luck.

    Kevin, Liverpool, England.

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    the date you started & ended

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    It looks like they want your projected ( when you plan to start and finish) and your actual start and end dates.

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    Why didn't you ask your teacher? Why'd you wait so long? Ask the question again but so that teachers who know the answer will know that your question is about the science fair. Like: Can you help with a question about the Science Fair application form?

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    The date when you began the project, not when it was assigned.

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    Most likely the day you started and the day you finished.

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