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What is Rich Tarrant's position on the economy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Several Points, I wont comment on them since you asked for what his positiion is not mine.

    "Q: You say that one of your reasons for running for the U.S. Senate is to help control government spending. How do you plan to do that?

    A: I am a Republican; however, I believe the Republicans in Washington should be ashamed of the way they are spending our tax dollars.

    We are running up a bill that our grandchildren will simply not be able to pay. No family in Vermont would balance their checkbook the way Congress handles our money. We need to return some common sense financial practices to Washington and make decisions about what we can and cannot afford."

    Q: Can the business community play a role in protecting the environment?

    A: Yes, I believe the business community can play an important role in promoting environmentally friendly business practices that not only protect the environment but also foster business success.

    At IDX, we realized that being environmentally conscious had a positive impact on our bottom line, and we used Vermont's environmental attributes to attract out-of-state workers. I am not alone in this belief. General Electric, one of the largest corporations in the world, has made "going green" a core business strategy.

    It is important that the technology used to lower emissions, produce a hydrogen car, and create many other eco-friendly business products continues to be studied and implemented by American scientists and entrepreneurs.

    Q. Many young people in Vermont have to leave the state to find high paying, quality jobs. How do you propose to increase the job opportunities available to young Vermonters?

    A: First let me say that I have a selfish reason for wanting to create more jobs in Vermont. I want to make sure that my grandchildren stay here in Vermont. It's no secret that kids between the ages of 20 and 30 regularly leave Vermont to find quality jobs somewhere else.

    To combat youth flight we need to focus on bringing technology jobs from heavy urban areas to rural states like Vermont. As a business owner I am proud of the jobs that I have been able to bring to Vermont. However, like rural electrification in the last century, rural states now need a technology infrastructure and new education options in order to once again stem migration to urban areas.

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  • seder
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    3 years ago

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