What are my chances of a repeat placental abruption?

I was induced when already in active labor (6 cm dilated) and after being induced I developed placental abruption which required an immediated c-section. I am pregnant again and am wondering the chances of an abruption happenin again.

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    What Causes Placental Abruption?

    While doctors aren't sure what causes placental abruption, they are aware of some of the risk factors. Physical trauma to the stomach, for example, can cause the placenta to separate from the uterine wall. Alternately, if too much fluid surrounds the baby (polyhydramnios), the mother's water can break, causing her uterus to shrink rapidly from the loss of fluid. Because this change in size is so great, her body thinks that the baby has been delivered and gives the placenta the signal to begin separating.

    Factors that increase a woman's risk for abruption include:

    high blood pressure-Blood pressure problems may be unrelated to pregnancy (chronic hypertension) or directly related to pregnancy (toxemia or pre-eclampsia);

    previous pregnancies-The more pregnancies a woman has had, the greater her risk for abruption;

    previous placental abruptions-If a woman has experienced abruption in the past, she has a one in 10 chance of having one again. If she's had two or more abruptions, her chances increase to one in four;

    smoking-Women who smoke are 40% more likely than non-smokers or former smokers to have placental abruption; and

    street drugs, especially amphetamines (speed) and cocaine-One out of every 10 pregnant women who use cocaine has signs of an abruption. "Crack" cocaine poses the greatest risk.

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    How Common Is Placental Abruption?

    Abruption is a common complication of pregnancy. About one in 20 pregnant women probably have small abruptions, but these are so small that they don't affect the mother or her baby. In fact, doctors rarely know that these abruptions happen. About one in 120 pregnant women who deliver has a larger abruption, and about one in 800 has an abruption so severe that the baby cannot survive.

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    There's always a chance, it's up to you whether you want to take the chance or not. I had a c-section and if I ever have anymore children, I hope to try natural and take that chance- because that c-section was so painful... but see what your doctors say- what the odds are of it happening again, etc. My doctor really pushes for natural birth, some aren't like that. Goodluck

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    happened w/ my 1st....not my other 2

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