why the govt of the USA becoming hysteric about the winning probability of Daniel Ortega?

daniel ortega, former president of nicaragua, ousted by the usa backed contra guerillas in 1990,according to opinion polls is going to win which causes consernation in washing ton. why the govt of the usa afraid of marxist revolutionaries,even though they are elected democratically by the people?

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    1 decade ago
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    the USA is suffering from paranoid diseases of two types one islamophobia and another Marxist phobia. it spent billions of dollars in Nicaragua by supporting contra guerrillas to over throw democratically elected Sandinista govt headed by Daniel Ortega. any how Ortega now 60 years aged man transformed as a moderate from a Marxist revolutionary leader.

    Source(s): their reaction to the prospect that he may well come back now sometimes borders on the hysterical said MICHAEL SHIFTER OF INTER AMERICAN DIALOGUE, WASHING TON BASED THINK-TANK. GUARDIAN NEWSPAPERS LTD 2006
  • 4 years ago

    If he had regarded and stated the flaws Ortega stated, he might in easy terms have legitimized those feedback and Ortega himself. by potential of ignoring Ortega and focusing on different issues, he made Ortega seem small and insignificant. And enable's no longer overlook that he did say in his speech that it quite is time for South/Latin usa to end blaming usa for all their issues.

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    1 decade ago

    Our gov't seems to think that it has the right to determine any contry's right to self-determination. It knows that it tried to destroy that basic right in Nicaragua and it back-fired. It failed in Cuba as well. That's how Castro came to be. In case you haven't noticed, the same thing is happening in our own country. The scandals are only one sign of dissatisfaction. And not even the most important.

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    I don't see why, under the Reagan administration, they funded the Contras even after Reagan said it was against US policy to aid them.

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