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AidyA asked in PetsReptiles · 1 decade ago

Tortoise - NO HEAT LAMP!!! URGENT?

The heat lamp for my tortoise has failed and i cannot get hold of one for a couple of days, is there any 'home' temporary solutions i can use?????

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    What is the normal temp in your tortoise's pen right now?

    If you only need a few degrees, try a regular incandescent lamp, a hot water bottle, or even a brick warmed in the oven and wrapped up.

    If you need a bunch of heat, try a bank of lamps, heating pads, or even a hair dryer blowing gently into the pen- or combine techniques.

    This is a good example of why I use multiple sources for my pens. Heat is provided by under-tank heaters (for 'belly heat' and general temp control), incandescent lamps, infra-red heat lamps, and a 'thermal mass' of stone and sand in the hot area. If one system fails, I can turn up another. I also have some spare heat pads and rocks sitting around for emergencies.

    In case of a power outage during cold weather, I have a a few small propane heaters and a camping stove. One heater is for the reptile room, and the stove would start heating up bricks to be slipped into insulative sleeves and put in the hot areas.

    If necessary, everyone goes to their hiding boxes so I only have to heat a small, insulated area.

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    You can use a 100w bulb and supply plenty of extra bedding just a normal lamp will try to heat up the same area but get one asap, or if its in doors keep the heating on!

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    For info. not all tortoise hibernate.We had two African Spur Thighs and they never went into hibernation.When their heat lamp was broken we found a couple of desk lamps sufficient to keep them happy giving them both heat and light

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    A couple of 100 watt bulbs put out a lot of heat! Just be careful not to put higher watts in you lamp than recommended

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    why do you have it under a heat lamp at this time of year? He should be getting ready to hibernate. In any case it is plenty warm enough indoors. Mine doesn't even HAVE a heat lamp. In summer he is outside, in Autumn he comes indoors and starts winding down before he goes into hibernation in November.

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    use a small space heater in the room, unless the room falls below 65 degrees there is no real danger to your turtle. place a heating pad under one end of the cage for extra warmth.

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    should not be a problem , if you have a regular desk lamp with a 40 w bulb that will do till you get the correct one .

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    Ive not heard of people keeping tortoise warm in winter,they are going into hibernation,and only need straw and etc to keep the cold out,it must be awake all the time.

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    If its only for a couple of days why not get a stronger blub? thats what i did when they couldnt get hold of the right one for mine. they said thet my tort would be ok as i was only using it for a short time.try a sun glo 60 thats what i did.My tort didnt come to any harm.

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