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who is wrong ISRAEl OR PALESTINE?

who should be blamed for starting the conflict? Is it israel or palestine? This is because, according to history, the land of israel doesn't belong to them, it was part of palestine. So doesn't does the palestine have the right to fight back for its land and regain what is rightly belong to them/

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    The present state of Israel occupies all the land from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean ocean, bounded by Egypt in the south, Lebanon in the north, and Jordan in the East. The recognized borders of Israel constitute about 78% of the land. The remainder is divided between land occupied by Israel since the 1967 6-day war and the autonomous regions under the control of the Palestinian autonomy. The Gaza strip occupies an additional 141 square miles south of Israel, and is under the control of the Palestinian authority.

    Palestine has been settled continuously for tens of thousands of years. Fossil remains have been found of Homo Erectus, Neanderthal and transitional types between Neanderthal and modern man. Archaeologists have found hybrid Emer wheat at Jericho dating from before 8,000 B.C., making it one of the oldest sites of agricultural activity in the world. Armories, Canaanites, and other Semitic peoples related to the Phoenicians of Tyre entered the area about 2000 B.C. The area became known as the Land of Canaan,

    So it is obvious that Israel has captured this land by power, by conspiracy, there were no country by the name of Israel on earth...and that is why they are wrong in every way, and they are keep expanding their boarders.

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      This history is wrong. You need reliable sources or your conclusions will be confused. You need better info and do your homework before citing dis-information.

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    The nation of Israel ceased to exist when the Romans conquered it. Ever since the Jews got scattered all around.

    In 1945 when the post war lines were being drawn, the rich Jew lobby in the US got the arrangements of the land of Israel being given to them. The piece of land that they got was very barren and deserted. But the intelligent and hard working Jews converted it into a rich and productive land.

    The Arab-Jew rivalry goes back to the Old Testament times with the history of Ishmael and Issac. Although most Arabs have been able to realise the value of non violent and peace full settlements, some continue to pride in might. Hence the lines of violent struggle is still being resorted to.

    There can never be an absolute one side act to this. The original land did belong to the Jews but eventually they had lost it. The Arabs were occupying it, but the legality of it is under question. It is more out of sentiments attached to Jerusalem that this fight is into.

    The solution to this issue will lie in a very unique and disspassionate solution. Both sides will have to agree to some, give up some and be considerate to each other. Half of the worlds problem will be solved if the Israel - Palestine struggle ends...

    I am not taking sides but feel that both will have to use the common sense and commitment to humanity to find a solution to this long standing problem

    May the World regain long awaited peace.

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      Peace is not found in "pieces" of misinformation. You need reliable sources to get the history right. Until you do, your conclusions will be inaccurate.

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    At the end of the day it doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong in the conflict. What matters is the utter disregard to human life of the innocent, which no man can give but God himself and one day every man will have to give an account of him/herself for this destruction. There is NO winners is war only heartache and terror. Where is the sense and intelligence in all of this? If we are so suppose to be the most intelligent throughout the animal kingdom, we are certainly the most destructive, It is beyond comprehension that no-one from either side can even sit down and have a sensible conversation to find a solution and sort out this whole mess.

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    Have anybody heard of Moses he lead his people (who were nomads) to the promised land Palestine where obviously Palestinians lived.Then along comes a man called Hitler who commited atrocities while some countries didn't enter the war meanwhile thousands and thousand of Jews are massacred all those countries (one in particular USA) Felt massive guilt for not believing proof about genocide no they sold arms and made enormous profit.(they enter the war because they were bombed not to save the world)So after war when it is proven they have these displaced people where will they go so Israel was created and we all know when you creat something you back it all the way even when human rights are compromised.Britain was in Palestine at the end of WW2 and withdrew because of the backlash .The Worlds problems with Muslims now are a result of people interfering in other countries to do the supposed right thing.I have sympathy for both sides of the conflict but they are both as bad as each other and USA should let them solve there own problems.

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    Israel is the country. Palestine is the territory. Palestine WAS occupied through Israel, earlier than the "Palestinians" pressured them out. The "Palestinians" are Islamic Arabs, and, have NO RIGHT to the discipline referred to as Palestine. As for Gaza and Golan, they had been captured whilst the Arabs attempted to take over Israeli territory for the duration of the 8-days battle. Israel is keeping manipulate of those locations to restrict Arabs from, once more, making use of them as a release pad in opposition to Israel. As such, they've each correct to take action. If the "Palestinians" desire peace with Israel, all they must do is BE PEACEFUL! When they assault ANY COUNTRY, that nation has a RIGHT to guard themselves. Stop Jew-baiting. It is a racist act.

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    definetly Palestine.

    Simply because their leaders are stirring up a conflict they have no chance of winning- neither the skills, or the brains, or the weapons.

    The mechanism is simple- the Palestinians attack and money flows from donors in Islamic countries. That money does not go to the wounded however, but to line the coffers of the Palestinian "leaders". Trading blood for money

    Even assuming that we recognize Palestine as a national entity, it still changes nothing Plenty of countries have lost land throughout history. And unless you have a chance of winning, the only solution is to clench teeth and set up shop elsewhere.

    I would have thought the Islamic nations have more than enough unoccupied land as it is- and might set up such an area. Which would only be just compensation, considering that UN appointed lands of Palestine were confiscated by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan and later lost by war to Israel.

    Blaming Israel is very fashionable, but the truth is that it is the "brotherly" Arab nations who dispossessed the people of Palestine- not the Israelis

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    There are 2 points to be observed:

    First: Who are the descendants of the Israeli who really built that land? The palestinian people or the jews around the world?

    All the evidence point to the theory that the descendants of the former Israeli are the palestinian people. They are no longer jew because some centurys ago their ancestors have been converted to islamism by Mohamed troops. The jews arround the world have been converted to judaism by a number of voyagers that have travelled the world from Israel. That is why there are jews of different races, including ****** in North Africa. Therefore, if that land must belong to the descendants of Abrahan, the palestinians own it.

    The other point is the inhabillity of the people of that region to live in peace. Although mankind has born in Africa, civilization has born in middle east, region that includes Israel. Different peoples develloped the first civillizations there - Assirian, Hitites, Babylonians, Summerians and a number of other whose names I can't remember. And they fight each other since that time. They don't know how to leave in peace.

    I would like to see them in peace. Israeli and Palestinian friends. But for us to see it, we will have to break a 10.000 year tradition. I don't think we will make it...

    • Robert6 years agoReport

      This is not correct. Read "Jews, God and History" by Max DiMont , a French author.
      You won't get the conflict right if your history is wrong.

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    Seems your history is either fuzzy or wrong. The land belongs to both the Israelis & Palestinians. There two groups of people who don't see things this way - 1) the "religious" fanatics &; 2) the ultra-nationalists.

    This issue has always been political but religion somehow got thrown in & things got way out of hand.

    There are many pretty good answers but somehow it seems wrong to those who vote against the good answerers for either not subscribing to their fixed set of ideas or desire world peace for men of all religions, race or creed.

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    Learn the history of Iseralties. They were born before around more than 4000 years back from Abraham. David, Solomon who ruled Iseral are all Jews. But the place named still as "Philistine". Even on Jesus era it was with Jews. later by the attack by Roman and other empires, Jews scatterd and they fled all over the world. So whats the wrong, if they come back to their motherland?it is their right of exists.

    If the muslim world is so cried about Plastine, let them help by providing some land or develop the Phalastine govt and people in real means. not as by words, anger or hatred against Jews or Christians . Teach the Phalistine chidrens the word of love, instead of hatred and weapons. Educate them. make a better generation. and with that cultured society phalistine state can come forward. World will stand with phalistine state, but leave your fanatic relgious craziness.

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    I think Israel is wrong...Israel is occupying Palestinians land illegally.there are 3 UN resolution that ask for the creation of a Palestinian state that Israel totally ignores...And the worst thing is that no one can do anything to make them apply those resolutions...Who should be blame for starting the conflict?The British were wrong when they allowed the Jews to form a state on Palestinians land...The UN is wrong for allowing this state to be created...US is wrong for supporting this state,for supporting the crimes that are committed against the Palestinians...

    • Robert6 years agoReport

      This is not correct history. You seem to have no knowledge of the history of Judaism, Zionism or the Balfour Declaration. You need to get your facts right or from better sources.

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