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wine label (urgent!!)

I need to re-design a wine label for my homework assignment, however, I don't have any idea comes to me. can some one please help me to develop some concepts. Thx a lot!!! Also, how can I develop more ideas??

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    for package re-designing, i suggest first of all, getting to know the demographics of your audience. get to know what type of wine you are redesiging, is it for hardcore wine enthusiast? for young hip yuppies? general audience. b/c if it's for a younger, hipper audience, you wouldn't want to go for too old or "classic" look of scripted font or woodcut style illustration and vice versa.

    where is the wine from and what is it's selling point? try to find something that represent the country either through color, font, or illustration style. always include the year, and the origin of the wine on the label.

    not to be shallow, but sometimes doing extra work always get you better marks... (eg, if you are redesigning for a wine that is well known for it's age and history, then suggest rebottling the wine in a frosted glass to give it a more "aged" or "dusty" ambience or packaging the bottle in wooden cases insulated with crimpled natural paper... etc).

    of coz, mounting your presentation alwways help. when i was in design school people who kiss ass would to many many extra things... like printing the label out and actually mocking it to a bottle of wine... it's entirely up to you.

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    add a vineyard to the picture, use a classic font for the name

    go check out different wine bottles from different companies all over the world, i'm sure that'll give you some good ideas

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    It is important that you draw a picture of wine, have something catchy, maybe a barral representing the barral which contain wine, write some small words underneath.

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