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    In my life, I had a pair of shoes which had important significance for me. It was my first and valuable shoes and it also represented a memory which had a different culture and good friendship. The friendship was so important for me and I never forgot it.

    During the junior high school time, our class had a transferor who had poor Chinese. He was a Taiwanese who was bored in the US. Because I liked to meet friends, he and I became good friends. We both liked to play basketball and listen to “hip hop.” Moreover, we always played basketball together and shared about the information of different culture. Because I like the style of Africa American, He always told me lot of things about Africa American. One time, in my birthday party of fifteen years old, he gave me a pair of shoes which was the brand, Jodan. This was the first time that I had a valuable gift and I liked it so much. However, after graduated from junior high school, he came back to America. We missed the connection from that time.

    Now I still keep the shoes which are old and I always remember that we even had a good memory at that time. For me, it is an unforgettable friendship and I also learned so many different cultures from him. Furthermore, the shoes are not only the presents that I have but also a demonstration of our friendship. I will keep it in my deep mind and never forget about it.

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    In life, a pair of shoes have very big meaning to me in me


    It is the first pair of valuable stars of mine basketball shoes, represent a section of friendship with different culture and unforgettable remembrance at the same time, this section of friendship has very big meaning to me.


    In junior middle school, a classmate transfers in the class, is speaking Chinese pointed out of having


    He is Taiwanese who U.S.A. grew up


    I liking making friends, and he become the best friend naturally..


    We have common interests " Play basketball " ,Like listening to Hi Kazakhstan's music.


    So we always play basketball together, are sharing the culture of different countries together.


    Because I like the Afro-American's style, so always like hearing from him anything about Afro-American, share black culture together.


    On the birthday of 15 years old, have received his birthday gift, a Jordan's basketball shoes


    This is first pair of such expensive shoes of mine, so I treasure, very moved very much.


    But after graduating from junior middle school, he has gone back to U.S.A., lose getting in touch with between us.


    So far, I am still kept this pair to wear the old plimsoll by me, see I will remember that section of bright remembrance with shoes.


    This is a section of unforgettable friendship


    From he, I have learnt the thing of a lot of different culture.


    To me, this pair of shoes is not only a precious birthday gift, but also witness of a section of friendship, so I will keep it forever


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