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我的英文很爛又加上有" 財管 ''的專有名詞



翻譯出來的幫我寄到我的信箱 tempgame小老鼠


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    6.3 Your firm is considering purchasing a machine with the following annual, and end-of-year, book investment accounts.


    The machine generates, on average, $4,500 per year in additional net income.


    1. What is the average accounting return for this machine?


    2. What three flaws are inherent in this decision rule?


    6.10 As the chief financial officer of the Orient Express, you are offered the following two mutually exclusive projects.

    身為東方快遞首席財務長 兩個相容的企劃會提供給你

    What are the IRRs of these two projects?


    2. If you are told only the IRRs of the projects, which would you choose?

    如果只告知你那些企劃的IRRs 你會選哪一個

    3. What did you ignore when you made your decision in part (b)?

    當你決定選B部份時 你忽略了什麼

    4. How can the problem be remedied? Perform the appropriate calculation.


    5. Based on your answer to part (d), which project should you choose? The appropriate discount rate is 15 percent.


    6. According to the NPV rule, which of these two projects should be pursued? Again, assume a 15 percent discount rate.

    根據NPV規章, 應該進行這兩個企劃中的哪一個? 同樣的 假設優惠率是百分之15

    6.11 Consider two streams of cash flows, A and B. Stream A’s first cash flow is $5000 and is received three years from today. Future cash flows in stream A grow by 4 percent in perpetuity. Stream B’s first cash flow is -$6000 and is received two years from today and will continue in perpetuity. Assume that the appropriate discount rate is 12 percent.

    考慮二支現金流量,A和B. A支的第一次現金收入$5000為距今三年後 A支的未來的現金流量永久成長百分之四 B支的第一次現金收入$6000為距今二年後 並會持續永久的成長 假設適當的優惠率是百分之12

    What is the present value of each stream?


    2. Suppose that the two streams are combined into one project, called C. What is the IRR of project C?

    2.假設兩支合併為一個企劃 稱為C 則C企劃的IRR是什麼(多少)?

    3. What is the correct IRR rule for project C?

    3. C企劃的正確IRR規則又是什麼

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