How does the MLS league work?

I live in uk and the league here is simple neough but i play football manager and the MLS league is different. for example, when buying players already in the MLS ou dont pay with money u use like cup rounds or something. Can someone please help me by explaining how it works. I'm actually right now watching a game on tv(espn 2) the WEstern Conf. SEmifinal Game 1 between HOU and CHV

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    MLS is a bit different than the EPL. MLS is a single entity, meaning the league shares revenue, also player contracts are negotiated by the league. Another big difference is that there is a salary cap of approximately 2 million dollars, therefore you team pay roll has to be 2 million dollars or less. Also it depends on which cup you are talking about, the US open cup (which is similar to the FA Cup) is not run by MLS but rather the US soccer federation. The MLS cup is a playoff format which is after the normal season, the top eight teams go into a tournament and play a series of games (the first being a Home and Home series, the second being a single game, and the third being the MLS Cup final) this tournament is run by the MLS.

    I suspect the reason that you don't use money from cup rounds is that the player contracts are owned by MLS and not the specific team...or... or that the cup games you speak of were US Open Cup games and not MLS Cup Games.

    I hope that helps you out. To be honest I've only played football manager a few times.

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    TFoley is wrong, in play offs there can be up to 3 games. for example, HOU and CHIVAS, if Houston won the first game (3 pts) and tied the second (1pt) they move on. But is HOU won 1st, CHI won 2nd, there would be a third game!

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    Its like Football American You win one Game you Advance lose one you're Out.

    My Pick is DC UNITED Playing Awesome Huh, Next up is New England that's going to be a Good Game for them.

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    Mexican League

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