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why don't teeangers like to dance Ballroom Dancing?

I have danced Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, all sorts for a lot of years and Ballroom Dancing for 2 years. Balroom was my ABSOLUTE favorite!!!! unfortunatly not many teeangers like it though... why not, it's so much fun? Anybody else outthere like it?

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    Some of them do, actually:

    Youtube thumbnail

    &mode=related&search= these people are 18 and younger. You can imagine they have been dancing for a few years.

    Many of them don't like it maybe because some dance teachers never update the music. If the music is old teenages won't like it. I don't dig some of those lame cha-chas and sambas from the 80s myself. Many (not all) teenagers like to follow the crowd, and ballroom is not a common thing nowdays. Teenagers easily give up on stuff just because it's hard. Also, ballroom is designed to give an impression as if you like your partner. Many teenagers think It is not cool to show signs of affection. You know, "girls got cooties"... yeah, kindergarten stuff, but it is still too much in their heads.

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    1. For ballroom dancing you need lessons and practice. Not many people (not only teemagers) are ready, eager or willing to do this.

    2. For ballroom dancing you need a special, large place (not crowded clubs) and these are not very common or that easy to find.

    3. When dancing most people want to have fun and feel good regardless of how they look when they dance, their position or style.

    In conclusion, ballroom dancing is not so at hand to do...

    And don't get me wrong ... I absolutely love ballroom dancing !

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    being a teenager myself, i can tell you that unless its hip hop or rock...most teenagers won't like it. Its hard to dance to rock unless you count jumping up and down....and hip hop is more free style. Look at our clothes, baggy sweatshits, ripped jeans....being lazy/comfortable and wearing worn or over-sized clothes is popular. Ballroom is elegant and sophisticated. look at almost any teenager and I can almost guarantee that "sophisticated" isn't the first word that comes to mind. But some teens like ballroom. I do for instance. I love all kinds of dance!!!

    Watch the movie "Take the Lead" if you haven't already, it's about detention kids (high school) who learn to dance ballroom, One of my favorites besides "Step Up"

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    well, being a teenager, and not sure (feeling dumb and have a blonde moment) what you mean by ballroom dancing, but if i'm right i think it's the whole, "touching each other" factor. either way, i would love to learn any kind of dance style! no matter what the action takes place!

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    Ballroom dancing has to be taught Giving the opportunity to learn, most teens...and even younger kids, loved it.

    In all the schools where ballroom was taught, it was an overwhelming success.

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    i would love to ballroom dance, the whole jumping around and shaking body parts it just that, shaking body parts. it would be nice to actually go to a dance and not see people all over each other, but i suppose thats what this generation has come to.

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    Are you kidding?!

    I LOVE Ballroom dancing! It's also my favorite.

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    I adored it, all the way through high school.

    Perhaps it's not a popular because there are very few occasions to use it in everyday life? In Europe there are balls held every month or so, so that encouraged my love of ballroom.

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    I was a teenage ballroom dancer, I could care less if no one else liked it, I did.

    Still do, and ballet and tap too.

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    its the type of dance that u can use everywhere u go to! its a great thing to go do and learn

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