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who was john proctor befor the salem witch hunt?

did he cheet more than once?

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    As mentioned he was a farmer of some wealth. There is no historical evidence that Proctor ever cheated on his wife, although your question is surely based on Arthur Miller's Crucible, which was a fictionalized account of the witch trials.

    The question of why his wife wasn't in his will may be linked to the fact that she was also scheduled for execution so he probably believed that she would never inherit anything anyway. The reason she wasn't executed was that she was pregnant. She did not deliver until after the witch scare ended and thus went free after his death.

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    Proctor was a farmer. There is little known as to if he cheated more than once. Either way, his wife and her sisters were accused as witches, his wife Elizabeth avoided execution because she was pregnant at the time, she did go to jail. Proctor was executed, after being accused of witchcraft as well. He died having never reconciled with his wife leaving her with nothing in the will he created from jail before his death.

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    no he cheated once with abigail.. and i think he was someone to do with the church before the witch hunts began but im not sure... but i do know he only cheated once

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    He was a wealthy farmer. I'm not sure what your second question means.

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