My dog can get out of any collar. What do i do?

My do g can get out of choke collars, nylon collar, and cages. What do i do?

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    Try a harness.

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    Well, sounds like you have a canine Houdini! You need to make sure that his collar is on snugly. NOT tight, I said snugly. You should be able to get two fingers under the collar. Usually choke chains are pretty tough for them to get out of if they are put on right and not too big. Measure around your dog's neck right behind the ears and add about 3 inches to that, that is the size choke chain you need. A Martingale collar used on greyhounds and animals with smaller heads work very well and stay on. Go to your local pet store and ask them for one and make sure it fits right. Don't tie your dog out on a rope or chain with a choke or Martingale collar, if it tightens up they could choke to death. As far as the cage goes, you got me there. Maybe put him in it and use those plastic flex ties. You will have to cut them off every time, but at least the dog will stay in the cage. Good luck.

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    "Martingale" collars usually work for crafty dogs. There are also different sorts of body harnesses that you can try.

    We have a Boxer mix who could get out of everything, and we finally found that she does well with a standard collar (to wear her tags) and a "Halti" head-stall to wear when we walk her. We make sure the standard collar is put on high on her neck (almost behind her ears), and tight enough so you can only get 2 fingers in between the collar and the dog's neck.

    If the dog can get out of crates, try getting a crate with a double-lock on the door (one at the top and one at the bottom of the door), or use a small bungie-cord to help secure the door of the crate.

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    Have you got the choke collar on correctly, as if it is the wrong way round, his head will slip through it.

    I don't really like anything that goes around their necks, so i used a body harness one, this prevents hair damage, strangling the dog and if they pull they are pulling with their full body and not just their head and neck. Try one, you will find it much better than any of the ones you have tried so far.

    All the best.

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    I don't believe obviously haven't tried that many collars, or you don't put it on tight enough. The only way a dog could get out of every possible properly fitted collar, would be if it's head was smaller than its neck.

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    A collar should be just tight enough so you can get 2 fingers under it! If you still have problems use a harness.

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    Use a harness. It goes under the front legs and around. Does not choke the dog. Great for dogs where the head is as big as thier neck.

    Source(s): I use them on my shar-peis
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    What kind of dog do you have? Are you getting the correct size collar?

    Choke collars are not safe as full time collars, and I don't recommend them for training, either.

    Martingale collars should work on your dog. They work on dogs that can easily slip out of collars.

    You can find one at Petsmart, or check out for their custom designs!

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    Try a straight jacket, if it can get out in under a minute you could earn some good money being its manager by sending it on tour with Paul Daniels!

    Have you tried a chest harness (for the dog not you)?

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    There are body harnesses that might solve the problem. You may have to muzzle him to keep him from chewing his way out. If that doesn't work, let him go and don't let him back in. He will either run wild, or smarten up as soon as he gets hungry.

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    Buy a martingale Collar that greyhounds wear, They can not get out of them.

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