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what would u do?

if u had a close friend but u didint like hes mom n it was hes party n hes mom was going too be there...but u could go to this other 15 in stead of ur close friend party?

1. would u go to the party

2. 15

3. dont go to none n be bored?

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    tell u sumthin,dude???i had da exact same problem once.but u kno wat i did??i chose to go to ma frnds party,and ignore it if his mom said nythin rude to me.but i dint hav to ignore his mom,bcos she turned out to be really cool,being a gud sport wif her son's frnds.after da party i realised dat i jus had a misunderstanding and dat actually i dint hav anything against his den dude i'll tell u to go to dat party,hav fun and give ur frnd's mom da feeling dat u really like her.and yes u will start to like her once u get used to it.if u think dat u'r frnds mother is da bigger problem dan goin to da paty,den u shud decide whether to go to da party or go to 15.So den hope dis helps u .and tell me what u did....ok????bye!!!!!

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    It's a sensitive situation. But you do have to make a choose! right!

    Sometime we are face with those decision either step through the door or walk the other way! He is your close friend. So think of him and not of his mother. Thats what friends do! Also If the situation was the other way around. Would you want him to come to your party? Remember you have control on the situation-don't let the situation control you! Go! and have fun!

    If you go to the other party-your friend will find out! Stay home - bored! You cant get that day back do it right!

    Good luck!!:)

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    Well you got a problem because if Mama ain't happy, then nobody is happy. So you might consider trying to be nice to her to get her to accept you. If you like your friend, go to the party your there for your friend, not the mother. Just remember to treat the mother with respect.

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    go to the close frnds party. ignore the mother or may be leave from the party early to join the 15. u should remember to take care of ur frnds feelings as wel.

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    I guess you have to ask yourself that on a scale of 1 to 10 how much does the guy's mother bother you.

    If the number is really high, then just go to the other party instead.

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    Well I dont know what you really mean by 15 but if I was you i'll go to my close friend party even if I didnt like his mama you not close friends with his mother you're close friends with him. Dont disappoint your friend because you wouldnt want nobody to do that to you.

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    1 go to the party. unless you really cant be in the same room as his mom

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    go to your friends party for a short while, leave early (have a good excuse) and have a blast at 15

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    I'd stay home and say I was busy. Your friend might be offended if you went to another party instead of his.

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