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請各位幫我找找大約20個與手(肩膀到手趾)或腳(大腿到腳趾)有關的英文俗語(sayings)、俚語(proverbs)或諺語(idioms),如果方便的話請給我例句 謝謝

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    小b的第一個有點怪,因為我印象中是green thumb, 而不是great thumb.

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    Idioms from Body Parts

    Each example below has an idiom with a body part(s). Can you guess the meaning of each idiom from the context? Try to match each idiom (1-7) with its definition (a-g).

    1.I don't like talking to Jim. He has a big mouth and can't keep any secrets.

    2.Everything in that new boutique costs an arm and a leg. I don't think I can afford to buy anything there.

    3.I have a sweet tooth: I like chocolate, ice cream, and almost all kinds of desserts.

    4.Trying to find a parking space downtown is really a pain in the neck.

    5.There is no test tomorrow. Don't believe John. He's just pulling your leg.

    6.I put my foot in my mouth when I told my friend that she was getting fat. She got so angry with me!

    7.I can't get along with my sister. We don't see eye to eye on almost anything.

    在這個網: http://2ndnature-online-eikaiwa.com/Idioms/Idioms-... 下面有英-英解釋,幫助你更瞭解它的意義!

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    8.as dry as a bone

    - very dry

    The river bed was as dry as a bone at the end of the summer.

    9.as soft as a baby's bottom

    - very soft and smooth

    My new silk pajamas are as soft as a baby's bottom.

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    10. at each other's throats

    - fight/argue all the time

    The two boys were at each other's throats as soon as they entered the room.

    11. at the top of one's lungs

    - with a very loud voice

    I yelled at the top of my lungs to get the man's attention.

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    12. back-to-back

    - next to each other and touching backs

    The students were sitting back-to-back as they did their exercises for the gym class.

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    13. bad blood (between people)

    - anger or a bad relationship due to past problems with someone

    There has always been a lot of bad blood between the two supervisors.

    2006-10-29 15:06:43 補充:

    14. bare bones (of something)

    - the most basic and important parts of something

    The company had to restructure and most services were cut to the bare bones of the operation.

    2006-10-29 15:07:00 補充:

    15. behind one's back

    - do something when one is absent or without one's knowledge, secretly

    I don't like people who talk behind my back.

    16. (go/be) belly up

    - (a company) fails or goes bankrupt

    The small video store near my house went belly-up last month.

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    17. blood is thicker than water

    - family members are closer to one another than to others

    Blood is thicker than water and people usually support and help their family in times of trouble.

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    18. blood runs cold

    - one is terrified or horrified

    My blood ran cold when I saw the poison spider on my bed.

    19. blood, sweat, and tears

    - great personal effort

    We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into fixing our old house.

    2006-10-29 15:09:07 補充:

    20.get the cold shoulder (from someone)

    - be ignored, be rejected

    Yesterday, one of the women who I work with gave me the cold shoulder all day.

    要看更多可上此網 http://www.idiomconnection.com/body.html#A

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    1.He has a great thumb.他精通園藝。

    2.Cross the fingers.祈求好運。

    3.My fingers are all thumbs.我的手指不靈活。

    4.keep one's fingers crossed:祈求幸運;祝好運

    5.not raise a finger to do sth. :不肯出力幫忙

    6.under someone's thumb:在某人的控制下

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