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題目:One thing I don't like about my life (我的生活中有一點是我不喜歡的)





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    The one thing I hate about in my life is the facade I put on everyday, and the facade i face daily. You must be wondering what facade is, it is the mask everyone puts on whether it is at home or in work. The mask they put on to hide the truth self. The reason why people hide about their "identity", could be due to they are just too schemeful (in nature), or probably they are afraid people to know about the "true" them, they do not want people to know their weaknesses so they put up the strong front. I put on the facade daily to avoid any hurt that I may come across. May it be the hurt by friendship

    or just any relationships with my parents or people around me. But the truth is I hate it, I hate it even when everyone is doing, I hate it when I'm not truthful. I hate it, especially when people talk behind my back and that hurts me. And most importantly I hate it because I'm hurt by people who are like me. People who compliment and talk nice things in front of you yet they turn their back against you almost instantaneously. But what fustrates me the most is that I know all about it, but yet, at the same time I can't do anything about it. I guess this is the complexity of being a man.

    FACADE:deceptive appearance: the way something or somebody appears on the surface, especially when that appearance is false or meant to deceive but you just don'tknow about it.  

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    i apologise for not editing it before resend ing it.. no such thing as schemeful.. change to scheming. and fustrates is wrong, should be frustrates ..

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    One think I really dislike about my life is that I have strict parents! I've had always wanted to be as free as others and do things that I like and study at my own pace. However, they do not grant me my simple wishes. I have to learn things that I do not have to at my level so that I will outstand others academically. They just don't understand my needs. I don't want to be that competitive. I just want to have a stress- free study. It's simple yet difficult. When I'm at home, I'm also refrained from watching televisions as long as my friends can. I can only watch ultmost an hour a day and the program must be what in their view as 'healthy' like national geogrphic and discovery channel etc. To the rest of the time, even if I had finish my homework or completed my assigments I still cannot watch for a little longer, not even a minute. They are such straight-minded that I cannot bear with them and nearly wanted to flare at them. Is academically success that important? Are other kinds of programs that unhealthy? I wish they can persuade me with truely good reasons. After all, I just wish to lead a normal life as a human and not superman or ultraman.

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