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英文回答下列句子 請達人幫忙(段落形式)

1.What country do you want to visit?

2.Why do you want to visit this country?

3.Where is this country located?

4.How big is this country?

5.What is one famous mounment or important location in this country?

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    回答吗? 可以写任何国家吧?随便啦。。 我写新加坡。。 

    1. I would like to visit singapore if I was given a chance.

    2.I have heard from many people that Singapore is a fine country. It's geographical location is great, it is safe from any natural disaters. The security in the country is marvelously tight as well. I do not have to fear sitting behind the hotel doors and being afraid of theif breaking in, in the middle of the night. In addition, Singapore has just lauched this:"belief". It's all about art and it would really be an eye opener to be since it has art pieces of people all over the world.

    On the other hand Singapore is a shopping paradise. Most singaporeans are billingual therefore, i would be able to speak their language there.

    3.The country is located in the southern-east of asia.

    4.The country may just be a small red dot in the map but it is actually able to hold about 3.5 million citizens currently. It's actual area is 683 SQ KM.

    5.The famous monument? It would be Sir Standform Raffles statue located near raffles place. He is the person who renamed Temasek to Singapore. He colonised the country as well. He poses very well too. It is one of the classic most people do when they take photos. THe folded arms and the right feet apart.

    The important location, Suntec City and convectional hall. They are linked. The five tower resembles the fingers of the left hand and the center which is the palm holds the fountain of wealth. According to the feng shui, this will bring in wealth for Singapore. Suntec city is also one of the shopping heaven. In addition, the convection centre is opened to international meeting (IMF, the 11th IOC session [olympic]). It is a very important place as it brings in revenue for the country.

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    補充2.Singapore gather one of the most culture within the country. There could be an exchange of culture. The china town, little india, geylang serai, arab street and many more. It is definitely a country with rich culture.

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    1. I want to visit the USA.

    2. Because there is beautiful.

    3. This country is located in North America.

    4. This country has 52 states.

    5. The Statue of Liberty(自由女神) is one famous monument in this country.

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    1.What country do you want to visit?

    I want to visit USA

    2.Why do you want to visit this country?

    I want to visit USA to experience the different culture

    3.Where is this country located?

    It locate in the middle of Uniter State

    4.How big is this country?

    Bigger than Taiwan

    5.What is one famous mounment or important location in this country?

    Bay Bridge and Goden Gate Bridge

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