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Chapter1 The Investment Environment

The land, buildings, knowledge, and machines that are used to produce goods and the workers whose skills are necessary to use those resources.

such as stocks or bonds. These assets do not directly contribute to the productive capacity of the economy. Financial assets are claims to the income generated by real assets.

such as banks, investment companies, insurance companies, or credit unions that bring sectors together.

household sector, business sector, government sector

pool the limited funds of small investors into large amounts, thereby gaining the advantages of large-scale trading; investors are assigned a prorated shares of the total funds according to the size of their investment.

such as Merrill Lynch, Salomom Brothers, or Goldman Sachs advise the issuing firm on the prices it can charge for the securities issued, market conditions, appropriate interest rates, and so forth. Ultimately, the investment banking firm handles the marketing of the security issue to the public.

where new issues of securities are offered to the public

The market in which a security is sold for the first time.

trading among investors of already-issued securities take place in secondary market.

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    Chapter1 投資環境

    被使用生產物品和工作者技能是必要使用那些資源的土地、大廈、知識, 和機器。


    譬如銀行、投資公司、保險公司, 或帶來區段家庭區段, 企業區段, 政府部門的信貸協會

    合併小投資者有限的資金入巨額, 因此勝過大規模貿易; 投資者被分配總資金的按比例分配的份額根據他們的投資的大小。

    譬如馬里爾・林曲, Salomom 兄弟, 或Goldman Sachs 勸告它可能收費對於證券被發布的發布的企業在價格, 市場條件, 適當的利率, 等等。最後, 投資銀行處理安全問題的行銷對公眾。




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    In Traditional Chinese:

    Chapter1 被使用生產物品和工作者技能是必要使用那些resources.such 作為股票或債券的投資EnvironmentThe 土地、大廈、知識, 和機器。這些財產對經濟的生產量直接地不貢獻。金融性資產是要求對收入由真正的assets.such 引起作為銀行、投資公司、保險公司, 或帶來區段together.household 區段, 企業區段, 政府sectorpool 小投資者有限的資金入巨額的信貸協會, 因此勝過大規模貿易; 投資者被分配總資金的按比例分配的份額根據他們的investment.such 的大小因為馬里爾·林曲, Salomom 兄弟, 或Goldman Sachs 勸告它可能收費對於證券被發布的發布的企業在價格, 市場條件, 適當的利率, 等等。最後, 投資銀行處理安全問題的行銷對證券的新問題為publicThe 市場被提供安全被賣為第一 在已經發的證券投資者之中發生在次要市場上的public.where 。

    Source(s): 有些字我不了解@@
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