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philadelphia parking authority issues? anyone?

recently many people are coming forth with horror stories about the currupted system of the PHILADELPHIA PARKING aUTHORITY. being jailed due to clercal errors, illegal ticketing, non fair hearings fines, harrasment , illegal booting and towing of cars and warrants issued without cause. IF THIS IS YOU LET ME KNOW . THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME IVE POSTED SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, THESE INSTANCES MAY BE LOOKED AT FOR LEGAL ACTION IF IT IS WARRANTED. SOOOO IM ASKING FOR YOUR HELP.the PPA is taking things too far and thats why im asking. serious replies only. thanks.

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    Yes... I have a parking ticket from 2001which I'm sure I've paid, which has now turned over to "Collection Agency" -- The agency is effectively part and parcel of the City of Phila - and a wonderful $$$ perk for the Law Firm that handles it.

    I remember that there is a statute of limitations (time) on parking tickets, but can't remember what time limit is. Seem to remember either 3 or 4 years. Any info from your end on this?

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