who knows who J W Buel 1849-1920 is?

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    He was an author and was in prison at the same time as Cole Younger (famous outlaw). He was the only man Cole Younger spoke to at that time. Buel (1849-1920), a professional writer on incredibly diverse subjects, was responsible for numerous works published in St. Louis. Buel claimed to have known Wild Bill and to have had access to his diary. Buel is not admired for his factual accuracy, and is said to have worked from the premise: “Si non e vero, e buon trovato.” Buel insists in his introduction "that which is herewith given is absolutely true in every particular, without a single shading of fiction or extravagance." As is the case in many such works relating to legendary Western figures, the truth and the fiction embodied herein have never been satisfactorily separated. The work nevertheless is generally conceded to be the first biography of the illustrious Wild Bill.

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    who knows who J W Buel 1849-1920 is?

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    Jw Buel

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    Wrote a lot of travelogues that continued adventure tales about the wilds of Africa and the American West in the late 19th century.

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