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Does my dog have mange? (pictures)?

Uuummm, I got a dog from my friend. She's a black lab about 2 years old. They weren't taking care of her and she was starving. They were gonna take her to the pound... I've been wondering about these tiny patches of hair that keep falling out. But it's only on her legs. Mainly her back legs. Today I just noticed a few scab-like things on her feet. Well, my friend /just now/ decides to tell me that Nighque's mom had mange and died from it... -_- I've had Nigh for about 2-3 months now... *sigh* Please tell me that's not what it is. My mum's got enough trouble with money right now already as it is... Oh, and also, Nigh had a small patch of hair missing on her tail since I got her. My friend said she's had that since she was born, but nowe it looks like the hair is growing back. Here's some pics:




Update 2:

Thanks for the answers. =) I'm glad it only takes a skin scrape to find out what it is. =P I'm gonna take her to get a vet check in December. That's when my mum gets a big check. And I'm also getting my male dog fixed in December. It was supposed to be next month, but the people messed up and now she's getting it in Dec. I'm aslo hoping I can get a job soon. I'm 15, but even the lady at the desk at the vets office (forget what you call 'em) said that she'd been working there since /she/ was 15... Sooo, I dunno...

Update 3:

Thanks, all. =) I already knew all about the 3 different types, and not to treat it with motor oil. And I know it can spread to others depending on which one it is. Thanks for all the info, though! ^_^ I really appreciate it. =) I still can't take her to the vet right away. In December I definately will, and get her a full exam. I just look at it this way: At least she's a LOT better off now than she was before. Before, her owners didn't feed her much, and she was REALLY skinny and you could easily see her ribs. Her hip bones were starting to poke out too. And they NEVER exercised her. She spent 2 yrs in a 4x6 ft kennel with not much interaction with anyone or anything. Now, she's here with me. She sleeps in her 10x10 ft kennel at night and stays in during the day. I exercise her daily on rollerblades, and feed her a high quality dog food. I also frequently trim and file her nails and clean her ears out very well. I'm also giving her Heartguard to kill any worms she might have. (c)

Update 4:

And before you say anything, that /IS/ one way to treat heartworms. It had been 5-6 months when I got her before she had her last Heartguard from her owners. So, hopefully the worms aren't completely fully grown. But she's doing absolutely GREAT! NO problems with the Heartguard or anything, so, yeah, I think she's a lot better off now. =P I'm just doing what I can for her. Better than her going to the pound and being put to sleep just because she has a big spirit. ^_^

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    What kind of mange did her mom have? Was it Demodex or Sarcoptes? Demodex is genetic, so if this is what her mom had, she probably has it too. Sarcoptes is extremely contagious to other dogs so if this is the mange she has, please keep her away from other dogs until she is healed. http://www.sniksnak.com/doghealth/demodecticmange.... http://www.sniksnak.com/doghealth/scabies.html

    You really need to take her to a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis. He can do a skin scrape, look at it under the microscope, & tell you if its mange. He could also let you know what it is if it isn't mange.

    Good luck!

    *Edited to add* Please don't put motor oil on your dog, it is toxic if she eats it and will kill her. Also, don't allow a pet store to give any kind of shot to your dog, unless they are licensed veterinarians. The shot mentioned previously was probably a shot of Ivermectin, which is has to be prescribed by a licensed vet. You have to have your dog heartworm tested first, because if Ivermectin is given to a heartworm + dog, it will kill them. Most vets will allow payment arrangemenst, so please call ahead and ask. Please don't compromise your dogs health and care by letting a pet shop treat her.

    Source(s): I work in a vet clinic and I'm going to school to be a vet tech
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    Mange In Dogs Pictures

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    It sorta looks like mange,but really can't tell.Try using some iodine wound spray for animals,sufadine,scarlex spray,or genicin violet as directed,and keep area clean with peroxide.All the above can be purchased at any local feed store.If no improvement is seen within a few days after using,it would be advisable to contact your vet for a scraping to determine the cause.

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    If he does or doesnt I cant really diagnos just by pictures but It does kind of look like it so IF you can afford it take him by a vet. Also, go to a pet supplies plus or a petsmart and ask the ppl working there about a shot for the mange(They have some that work for it) They gave my dog one before but u should take him with you okay? If you can't afford a vet, I have seen it done>>>Dig infected aread in motor oil and if it helps and grows the fur back then it did goog, but if it still spreads then you should take to vet cuz its probably mange. ALSO you could buy some dog spray called granny smith apple spray for you to spray on the scratched areas when he smells it he wont want to chew it anymore. Not a pleasant smell but it wont hurt him It smells like fingernail polish remover sorta

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    It doesn't outwardly look like mange-but she should go to a vet for a skin scraping to be sure-some mange is contagious to people and some is not.

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    I think mange is usually larger patches, but I'm really not sure. A good place to go when you are short on money is the humane society. Explain your situation and they may help you out and give you a discount on vet care.

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    dog mange pictures

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    Hate to say it but it is a good possibility that she has mange. It is treatable but most vets don't accept payments and are expensive. Try calling an animal shelter or spay/neuter clinic and see if they can recomend a cheap vet. Good Luck

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    sweetie, just so you know...IF your dog does have mange, your other dog and you can get it too, especially if it is sarcoptic mange. i know because we have been through this. TWICE!

    my daughter and i had to go to our doctor and get a liquid medication to use oon ourselves because the sarcoptic mange is caused from a mite and you will get it from handling your dog.

    but my other dog a rat terrier had demodectic or "red mange" and it is not contagious to other dogs or humans!

    please go to your vet and ask them to let you make payments. you should get started on this right away, especially if it is mange!

    good luck.

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    It appears that your dog does not have mange. Mange affect the entire body.I would say your dog probably has an allergy. Does it spend alot of time chewing on its feet or legs? Is the dogs skin flakey?

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