What does anyone know about limu or fucoidan?

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    1 decade ago
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    Fucoidan is a nutrient produced by a company called LIMU. It is claimed as a herbal supplement. The details mentioned by them are -

    For thousands of years Fucoidan was a mystery of science - not present in a single land based plant, fruit, vegetable, or grain. Had the Tongans failed to explore the deep blue waters of their ocean paradise to harvest the amazing Limu plant, it might still be a mystery today.

    But Gary Raser, founder of The Limu Company, had a different idea. He made it his mission to turn this life changing super-nutrient... that almost no one had ever heard of... into a global phenomenon that would make a difference all over the world.

    Today, Fucoidan is the subject of more than 600 unsolicited, independent, third-party scientific studies that all validate its astonishing life-sustaining, immune-supporting properties. It's hailed in such reputable medical journals as:

    Anticancer Research

    Infection and Immunity

    The British Journal of Pharmacology

    Nutrition and Cancer

    Developmental Biology

    The Journal of Molecular Immunology

    Journal of Neuroimmunology

    Antibiotics and Chemotherapy

    Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research

    Working on both a cellular and sub-cellular level, Fucoidan boasts an almost endless list of health benefits. Based on the research, Fucoidan may just be the most powerful immuno-supporting nutrient ever discovered!

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