vounteered in Costa Rica? with ISV(international student volunteers)? any advice?

I'm from australia andI was hoping anyone who's volunteered in Costa Rica more specifically with ISV could give me some feedback about their experience and maybe information that they think is important to enable me to be better prepared. thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First Of All... Congratulations for your mature attitude...

    And... for further info... check their site:


    In the right side column you will find Costa Rica... but they had plenty information for the volunteers!


  • well it may make you feel like you are back home, they have some extremely dangerous creratures there.

    snakes fer-de-lance,bushmaster,eye lash vipers,several species of black widows,poison dart frogs,clia clias, which the favorite snack is the fer de lance,crocs,caimens,but they dont have the green anaconda at least,they have some smaller versions with the same nasty attitude though,then there is the cute little vampire bats,and dragon flies that will fight you over the coffee pot in the mornings.

    but really costa rica is very pretty, friendly to some extent,theft is taken for granted and you might as well expect it first chance someone gets.

    depends on where you are going also port limon, has a higher population of mestizo indians and african decent people,other parts are indiginous tribes in the upper part of the atlantic coast.the pacific coast in play land for the most part,just beware anyplace off of costa rica is shark territory also. big bull sharks to overly large hammerheads to makos to the great white.

    Source(s): stay with a group, dont travel alone watch the critters they way you would in australia. dont sleep in the jungle and if you do leave no skin exposed,and layered several times.snakes are cold blooded and will feel the body heat from you,sleep in a hammock would be my first investment, so the cute little bats cant nibble while you asleep either.
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