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    Chinese Traditional Wedding Customs

    Proposal & Engagement

    When a couple decides to get married, a formal meeting of both parents is typically held to discuss the actual date of the wedding as well as the wedding banquet. It is a Chinese wedding tradition that the groom’s family presents various proposal gifts that represent fertility and prosperity in Chinese culture, known as the “Grand Gift”. On the acceptance of the “Grand Gift” by the bride’s family, an engagement will automatically be set up.

    Pre-Wedding Customs

    After the meeting of both parents, both families will make announcements to their relatives and friends. At the same time, the bride’s family would treat people to“Double Happiness Cakes”along with invitations to the wedding. The bride’s family would then prepare dowry and give a list of the dowries to the groom’s family. The groom’s family is also obliged to perform the“setting bridal bed”ritual.

    Wedding Day Ceremony

    On the day of wedding, the bride and the groom’s parents would compromise and come up with a “lucky hour” for the couple to carry out the traditional wedding ritual. For example, the bride’s family would implement the “hair combing” ritual while the groom’s family performs the “capping” ritual. The groom then sets off to the bride’s home, with the bridesmaids inevitably blocking him at the door. The bridesmaids will then challenge the groom by asking impeccably difficult questions so as to prevent the groom from seeing the bride. The groom, his best man and friends are required to answer all of the questions as well as presenting a “Door opening Lai See” in order to enter the house. The bride and the groom then attend the “Tea Ceremony” with each other’s parents.

    Post-wedding Rituals

    The next morning after the wedding, the bride and the groom have to attend the “Tea Ceremony” with groom’s parents. And the bride is normally required to prepare breakfast for the groom’s family in order to demonstrate that she is well nurtured.

    The third day after the wedding, the bride and the groom would pay a visit to the bride’s family, with presents in hand.

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