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此後的巴黎歷經反法同盟佔領、1830年七月革命、1848年革命。到拿破崙三世時期,城市已經破敗不堪。1859年,拿破崙三世任命塞納大省省長、巴黎警察局長喬治·歐仁·奧斯曼男爵(Baron George Eugène Haussmann)負責巴黎的大規模城市改造。奧斯曼拆除了巴黎的外城牆,建設環城路,在舊城區開闢出許多筆直的林蔭大道,並建設了眾多新古典主義風格的廣場、公園、住宅區、醫院、火車站、圖書館、學校,以及公共噴泉和街心雕塑,還利用巴黎地下縱橫交錯的舊石礦建造了城市給排水系統。但是他也拆掉了許多珍貴的歷史遺產和文物,對巴黎舊城的破壞一直存在歷史爭議。)

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    (In 1789, the great revolution has broken out in France.As one of the revolutionary measures, a lot of names of Paris are changed: Louis is renamed as 15 squares to Place de la Concorde, Notre Dame de Paris is renamed as ' the rational hall ', remarkable brother Germany type holy Jacques church of building is degradated, prosperous Daume Louis 14 bronze statue of square, Henry of new bridge bronze statue and Paris other King bronze statue of place overthrow one generation. After the great revolution, Napoleon has carried on new enlargement and worked to Paris, has built the arch of triumph of Paris and north and south both wings of the Louvre, rebuilt two sides of Seine River, dredge the river, has built large quantities of classical palace, mansion, apartment.Go through it against capturing, the revolution, revolution of 1848 years in July of 1830 years of alliance of France in Paris after this. Get in the period of three generations of Napoleon, already extremely ruined in the city. In 1859, Napoleon appointed and filled in and received the Governor of large province, George, police commissioner of Paris in three generationsBaron Osman ( Baron George Eugene Haussmann) Responsible for the extensive urban renewal of Paris. Osman has removed the other city wall of Paris, build the ring road, open up a lot of straight tree-covered walkways in the old urban area, have built the square, park, residential area, hospital, railway station, library, school of numerous Neoclassicism style, and public fountain and sculpture at the intersections, also utilize old stone ore with criss-cross underground in Paris to build the city for the drainage system. But he dismantles a lot of precious legacy of history and historical relic, there are historical disputes all the time in the destruction to old city of Paris.

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    In 1789, France erupted Great Revolution. One of as revolutionary measures, Paris's very many geographic name are replaced: The Louis 15 squares change the name as the harmony square, the Notre Dame cathedral are changed the name as “the rational hall”, the outstanding gothic style construction saint Yak church is levelled off, the prosperous multi-mho square louis xiv bronze statue, the new bridge Henry four th bronze statue and Paris other each place king the bronze statue are overthrown. After the Great Revolution ended, Napoleon has carried on the new extension work to Paris, has constructed the Paris Arc De Triomphe and Louvre museum's north and south two wings, has renovated Seine both banks, scours the river course, and has constructed large quantities of classicism palace, the building, the apartment.

    Hereafter Paris had been through repeatedly the counter-method union to seize, in July, 1830 revolutionizes, in 1848 revolutionizes. To Napoleon's three th times, the city already was ruined is unable to withstand. In 1859, Napoleon three th appointed Governor Sener big province, Paris police Bureau Chief George · Ou Ren· the Osman baron (Baron George Eugène Haussmann) is responsible for Paris's large-scale urban reconstruction. Osman has demolished Paris's barbican wall, the construction around the city road, opens many very straight boulevard in the old city, and has constructed the multitudinous neoclassicism style square, the park, the residential district, the hospital, the train station, the library, the school, as well as public eruptive fountain and street heart sculpture, but also the old quarry which underground spreads across using Paris constructs the city to give the drainage system. But he has also torn down many precious historical heritages and the cultural relic, always has the historical dispute to the Paris old city destruction.)

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