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  • 1 decade ago
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    依據下列我在ETS TOEIC網站上找到的資料中說明了你的問題喔, 請你參考看看囉 ~


    但對於其他國家則沒有詳細的說明, 也沒有官方說法喔!


    New TOEIC Test Registration Opens in Korea

    Princeton, N.J. (October 16, 2006) —Registration for the new TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests, scheduled to be administered December 9, 2006, in South Korea, is under way, officials at ETS announced today. The new tests expand the TOEIC product line by providing businesses and corporations throughout Korea with a reliable measure of prospective employees’ abilities in spoken and written English.


    要依照每個人不同的程度來準備喔 ~

    如果你的英文程度還不錯, 那麼我覺的自修就可以了,

    書店有很多針對TOEIC出的書, 建議你買模擬考試的那種.

    每天逼自己做一回, 訂正, 並檢討~

    這樣三個月下來就會有進步喔 !!!

    如果你的英文程度還不是太好, 那我想就需要補習班的協助囉!!!


    我自己是在前年參加考試的, 準備的方式就是自己買書做測驗.

    不用拼命, 就是每天一定要花兩小時好好做完, 不會的單字,文法都確實檢討


    我自己國中高中時英文還不錯, 不過因為大學四年修日文和別的語文荒廢了一些時日, 經過三個月的練習之後考了790. 所以我想如果你英文基礎還不錯的話 應該是可以這樣準備的 ~

    另外下面是網站上說明考試內容改變的地方, 也給你做參考囉 ~

    祝你考試順利 !!!

    The four major changes in the listening section will be:

    a decrease in the number of photograph questions in Part 1

    use of recorded as well as written questions in Part 3 (conversations) and Part 4 (short talks)

    a shift from individual questions to sets of questions in Part 3 (conversations)

    adoption of different accents of English in the recording, as spoken in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States

    The reading section’s three major changes include:

    elimination of Part 5 (error-recognition questions) of the current TOEIC® test

    addition of passage-based sentence-completion questions (Part 6) to sentence-completion items (Part 5)

    inclusion of some reading sets of questions based on two interrelated passages (Part 7)

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