Where can i see a game of Austrailian Rules football (rugby) in Los Angeles county?


what is the difference between the two games?

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    Australian Rules Football was first created as a game for cricketers to practice during the winter. It is played on a cricket oval. The national competition for Australian Rules Football is called the Australian Football League (AFL). The official site for the AFL is


    Rugby is also split in two games, Rugby Union, and Rugby League. Both rugby games are played on a field similar to an NFL field.

    The USA Rugby (Union) web site has a listing of teams in the US. I looked down the page and noticed teams in Long Beach and Los Angeles. Look down the list, it is in alphabetical order. The link is here:


    The main USA Rugby web site is here:


    For Rugby League, you can go to the American National Rugby League (AMNRL) site. The site is here:


    There does not appear to be any teams on the west coast. The list of teams can be found here:



    I may have gotten your quetion wrong. If you are after an Australian Rules game in Los Angeles, or surrounding Orange County, you can have a look at these sites

    Los Angeles Crows


    LA Crows web site (does not show much)


    Orange County Bombers


    OC Bombers web site


    The OC Bombers site has links to 3 other clubs in the area.

    [Update 2]

    I found an old question that I answered, it deals with the differences between Australian Rules (AFL), Rugby League, and Rugby Union. It may help you in knowing which game you mean. The link to the question is here:


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    Rugby is more like gridiron were you tackle them and someone has to pass the ball backwards. So if you know about gridiron's early day's you should be right but Aussie rules is more free flowing both offence (forwards) and defence (backs) are on the ground at the same time. You have to kick goals instead of scoring touchdowns or tries (is that how you spell it?). In my opinion it is the fastest game in the world or tie with basketball.

    And yeah apart from you tube you can also watch some games on afl.com.au and watch the thriller grand final or some other great maches. go freo :)

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    im not sure if u can watch it in america but if u go to


    there is a panel ont he left that says sport, click on that then on afl or nrl and u can watch them. the only bad thing about this is that they cut out some of the commentry when nothing is happening. NRL is national rugby league, its ALOT differnt from aussie rules! u need more 'bulky' stregth to play NRL aswell cause u takcle the crap out of eachother WITHOUT pads unlike in NFL. if u wanna see some big hits go to you tube and type in sonny bill williams he's got a MASSIVE shoulder charge on a guy called joel clinton.

    hope u can get to the stie!

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    I would say for you since you don't have a car, Los Angeles would be easier to have access to. It is pretty difficult to get around Orange Co if you don't have a car, but im pretty sure LA is a little bit better. Also, OC is VERY conservative, and not very many liberals here. Just to warn you. But anyways i hope you find which one suits you!

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    LA is host to Australian culture for a week in mid-January Called G'DAY LA. In 2006 Sydney Swans played North Melbourne Kangaroos.(Aussie Rules) so if you're looking to watch the real deal, "live" pencil it in your calender!!!

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    Can't help you with where to watch it, but aussie rules & rugby are two completely dirrerent sports

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    yes sorry you cant Austrlian Rules and Rugby are different games

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    try www.youtube.com

    type in the search engine

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