i cant play some new microgaming casino promo because i already have the software installed in my computer?

is it possible to completely erase a casino program from my computer so that i can redownload it and take advantage of the promotions that are given only to new players who do not have the software installed?how it works is simple,a casino program will let you register as a new real player only once.new players after downloading and registering as a new real player are given free money as a bonus ,and can take advantage of this by haveing a larger bank roll to play.many casinos have new player promos,i would like to be able to completely erase whatever it takes so that i can register again as a new player and my computer does not tell me that i have the software already and if i would like to uninstall the software from my system?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This works with XP and may work for older windows. Click on my PC ,disk drive C, open windows folder,next open Downloaded programs file. click on game you want to play to high lite it.delete it. or another way is go to start button,settings,,control panel,,add/remove programs.if its listed there,highlite click remove.

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