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Do You SeeThose backing border agents want to see evidence of wrongdoing?

If you can't read don't complain how long it is.

Drug smuggler Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila was shot in the buttocks as he ran away from two border patrol agents near the Rio Grande River in February 2005.

Department of Homeland Security officials told congressional leaders last month that two Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a drug smuggler admitted to supervisors that they were "out to shoot Mexicans" the day of the shooting, but have yet to provide proof the agents made such statements.

In an effort to convince four concerned congressman that the trial, conviction and sentencing of El Paso, Texas, Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were warranted, representatives of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General met privately with the congressmen to assure them of Ramos and Compean's guilt.

The agents were convicted earlier this year of shooting admitted drug smuggler Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila in the buttocks as he ran away from them near the Rio Grande River in February 2005. Ramos and Compean were sentenced last week to 11 and 12 years, respectively, in prison.

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, one of the congressmen at the private meeting, said he and three of his House colleagues were told by the OIG's office that the agents "were out to shoot Mexicans," and that Homeland Security had other damning information about Ramos and Compean's actions the day Aldrete-Davila was wounded.

Poe and fellow Texas Republicans John Culberson, Kenny Marchant and Michael McCaul met with the OIG officials Sept. 26 in Texas.

Those officials, however, did not provide proof of the agents' supposed confession. Instead, they said they would provide the information after last week's sentencing hearing, according to the congressmen.

Two of the congressmen, along with National Border Patrol Council President TJ Bonner and Andy Ramirez, chairman of the Chino-based Friends of the Border Patrol, now are demanding that the OIG immediately provide the evidence it promised. Both organizations have publicly supported Ramos and Compean.

Officials at the Office of Inspector General did not return phone calls for comment.

"They will provide us the information we requested. They will either provide it informally, or they will be doing it formally," Poe said.

Jack Hirschfield, a spokesman for McCaul, said the congressman's office also has asked for the OIG information.

"Congressman McCaul is interested in following the ongoing issues involved in this case," Hirschfield said.

Poe said it is unclear what type of evidence the OIG will provide against the agents, and wonders why it wasn't used in their trial.

Bonner said the OIG's claims are an effort to detour Congress from holding hearings on the agents' case in November.

"These outrageous fabrications were clearly intended to derail the congressional investigation into the circumstances underlying the prosecution of two innocent Border Patrol agents," Bonner said.

Texas U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, whose office successfully prosecuted Ramos and Compean, said at a press conference after last week's sentencing that the pair shot an unarmed suspect.

"Being a United States Border Patrol agent is not a license to shoot people," Sutton told reporters. "It is especially not a license to shoot unarmed ... suspects who are running away from you. ... It is not a license to write a report and turn it in which leaves out the fact that you shot an unarmed suspect who was running away from you."

But an Office of Inspector General memorandum obtained by the Daily Bulletin Tuesday contradicts Sutton's claim that Ramos and Compean reported Aldrete-Davila was unarmed.

The memorandum of activity was written April 4, 2005, by Christopher Sanchez, the OIG investigator who questioned Compean about the Feb. 17, 2005, shooting. Sanchez was the same agent who went to Mexico to interview Aldrete-Davila, according to documents obtained by the newspaper. Sanchez brought the smuggler back under protective custody to the United States, where he was given medical care and was granted immunity by the Texas U.S. Attorney's office to testify against the agents.

Sutton could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

The six-page memo includes Compean describing what happened after Aldrete-Davila wrestled with the agent and threw dirt in his eyes.

"Compean said that Aldrete-Davila continued to look back over his shoulder towards Compean as Aldrete-Davila ran away from him," the memo reads. "Compean said that he began to shoot at Aldrete-Davila because of the shiny object he thought he saw in Aldrete-Davila's hand and because Aldrete-Davila continued to look back towards his direction. Compean explained that he thought the shiny object might be a gun and that Aldrete-Davila was going to shoot at him because he kept looking back at him."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Debra(cq with official web site) Kanof told the Daily Bulletin in August that the agents never told anyone the smuggler was carrying a gun. Kanof also could not be reached for comment on the incident report.

Two of Aldrete-Davila's family members, interviewed by the Daily Bulletin in El Paso last week, said Aldrete-Davila has been smuggling drugs since he was 14 and "wouldn't move drugs unless he had a gun on him," said one.

The family member, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, added that Aldrete-Davila has "been bragging about the money he's going to get in a lawsuit every time we talk to him - but now he's nervous."

Aldrete-Davila is suing the U.S. Border Patrol for $5 million for violating his civil rights.

Meanwhile, the families of both agents are still trying to understand why the government would tell congressional representatives Ramos and Compean wanted to "shoot Mexicans."

"If anybody knew our family, they would know that most of our family still lives in Mexico," said Claudia Martinez, Compean's sister. "We are of Mexican heritage. Ramos is the same. Why would they ever say such a thing?"

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  • Beau R
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    1 decade ago
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    You were right when you said that this is a very lengthy piece. I read it through, and find that the facts that you have stated are in agreement with facts that I have read on police oriented websites. It has been further stated and verified that Aldrete-Davila was riding in a truck that was transporting a very large amount of drugs. It has been further verified, that he is an illegal immigrant, who had the intent of selling illegal drugs, which were smuggled into our country. It was reported that Aldrete-Davila had a shiny object in his hand, was running away, to avoid apprehension and prosecution, did continuously look back, at his pursuers. That one of the Border Patrol Officers, was on the ground, and his partner believing that he had been shot fired at the suspect in order to protect himself, and his partner.

    The fact that these two Border Patrol Officers, were brought to trial, found guilty, and sentenced to prison, is a travesty, which should make all Americans feel angry, at those who conducted this affair.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree it is STUPID to shoot at someone and not report it, at the same time, I DON'T think the DRUG SMUGGLER should be allowed to sue for any damages. He already got immunity from prosecution, he should just thank the lord he isn't dead or in jail, and should quit selling drugs, killing millions in the United States, while he is ahead.

    I think the Agents penalties were way too high, fire them, give em 3 years in the clink, but cutting 1/4 of their life over a scum bag like that? The drug smuggler is the scourge of this nation and should have died, and probably DID have a gun, but the Agents were not complying with their use of force model, and should have reported the shooting, and therefore, should be punished.

    ......and who gives a rats *** what they said the morning of, just because they said they were out to shoot mexicans, if they even said that, which is very unlikely, no Agent goes out with intent to shoot anyone, it is something every law enforcement officer would rather avoid, people do say stupid stuff to make them sound tough, or funny, but not seriously.

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  • Yakuza
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    1 decade ago

    Very interesting ,its my understanding that some people in Washington are seeking a pardon from President Bush for the two agents.Drug dealers all need to be put to death .Its a dirty business.Since the agents are both of Mexican heritage,it doesn't make any sense that they would say that.But who knows.I'm always on the side of the law not the drug dealer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    President Bush needs to Pardon the border patrol agents and the drug smuggler should be hung by his balls.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the American gov is doing it because of the ignorant Mexican gov. they don't care about those poor people over there, they just care about their pockets. are gov is so wrong for sending those 2 men to prison for doing their jobs. it sickens me. they will do any thing to justify their cause for being illegal.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i would never wanna be shot in the buttocks

    : (

    Source(s): blaaaah!
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  • Luis
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    1 decade ago

    me either dee why

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