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Is it common to have high blood pressure when young at the age between 20-30's?

i would like to know the risks of fluctuating high blood pressure & the diet needed to keep it steady...

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    I started taking medication since I was 22 years old. It was traced to hereditary or stress factors. In my 17 years of taking medication, my cholesterol, uric acid and any other related test were absolutely normal. Anyway, to help decrease your high blood pressure, please do the following:

    - stop smoking and drinking

    - avoid caffeine

    - avoid oily foods

    - brisk walking everyday for at least 30 minutes

    - maintain your 'ideal' weight for your age and height

    - monitor your blood pressure at least 2 times a day and"record" it. This will help you a lot when consulting a doctor. Seek the opinion of at least 2 doctors regarding your high blood pressure. They must have at least common findings. Do consult the doctor right away because this sickness is very serious. It leads to so many complications, like but not limited to heart attack.

    Hope this help you a little.

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    It may be common but it's definetely not a healthy thing.

    This is a young age to have high blood pressure, but, your weight and your diet have a lot to do with it. High blood pressure may also run in your family, putting you at risk. If you are taking any medications, that may have something to do with it too.

    A diet of fruits, veggies, and low salt food will help. Start reading your labels on the foods that you buy. Take note that a lot of your canned goods have a lot of salt. Diet soda is another one that has a lot of salt. Lunchmeat is also loaded with salt.

    Exercise is helpful too. If you smoke, that will also raise your blood pressure.

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    I had somewhat high blood pressure (mid twenties here) and I've found that if I cut back on my salt intake, eat more bananas and veggies and other fresh foods, and stay away from sugary foods, that I got my blood pressure down to more normal levels. Also, you need to cut back on stress and anxiety, take more long walks in the fresh air, and take up a relaxing hobby. I lost 40 pounds, too, and that helped of course. Foods high in potassium help reduce high blood pressure, such as bananas, and oatmeal is always very good at maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

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    Other than situational high blood pressure, it is not normal to have high blood pressure readings when you are in your 20s and 30s. The first thing I would recommend you doing is getting a complete physical, to rule out kidney and other serious problems aggrevating your b.p. Your doctor may also want to put you on medication. Also start looking into your life for stressors that might be contributing to your high blood pressure. You might also want to ask yourself, "Am I getting enough exercise to help reduce stress in my life?"

    Dietwise? Cut down on your salt intake. And not just table salt either.

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    I dont know about that but if you have been smoking for about 3 to 4 or over years that could be the reason or if you stress out a whole lot and get alot of headaechs

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    It is more common than you think. I have been on medication for HBP since I was nine, (24 now). My normal BP is 240/180 with a pulse of 155. But part of my problem is genetics and Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism) Try Yoga and definately see your doctor or cardiologist. HBP is something you should not fight by yourself.

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    That is a question your Doctor should answer. Why take a chance on your health? Get professional advice.

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    EXCELLENT question!! AND you should consult a doctor who is trained, qualified, and licensed to give medical advice. People on this site are not!! PLEASE ask a doctor!!


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