Is porn bad?

I'm NOT asking if you like it. I'm asking if its bad?

Before you answer note that the Nixon Administration had a Presidential SCIENTIFIC investigation to Report on the effects of porn to see if pornography increased violence and the study found that there was no connection. The Reagan Administration had a NON-scientific SURVEY sent out about whether porn could be connected to violence and they it said there was a connection. Science said NO and a Survey said YES.

So is porn bad?

And would you allow your spouse to watch it in your home?


6 out of 38 said its bad which is about 16%

This might explain why it hasn't been outlawed.


They've also discoverd a connection between serial killers and being severly sexually repressed.

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    NO I don't think porn is bad. I think it can increase the sexual response in a relationship. But I feel if porn interferes with the physical relationship in a marriage then it is an issue. A man needs visual stimulation to get aroused. A women loves touch or sensual words. There are many "porn movies" that are women friendly. One with plots. I think men need to do "his thing" alone (or with there partner) and women the same. It makes for a healthy relationship.

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    I believe it's bad. Unfortunately, alot of people find it intriguing and in some cases addictive which in turn causes unrealistic expectations in a marriage situation. Unless of course your partner is just as inventive and exploratory. Porn could be the cause of so much apathy when it comes promiscuity, STDs and AIDS (which are alarmingly on the rise by the way).

    My mother works for the Dept of Health in my home state. Disturbing how many cases of AIDS being discovered in teens.

    Dialogue like this opens doors for solutions. Let's educate one another.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think some of the people who watch it are bad, and some of the people who make it are bad, and certainly most of the acting is bad... Porn with children is bad, and porn with animals is bad.

    Normal porn with consenting adults isn't HARMFUL (which I think is what you meant), when watched by normal adults with normal impulses. Sometimes my boyfriend likes to watch it, which I don't mind - as long as our kids don't find out! It doesn't do much for me, but that wasn't really your question. I do "allow" him to watch it.

    Interesting question... My boyfriend and I were on vacationing recently at a small coastal town where there was an adult store. Right next to it was a large sign which read: "PORN HURTS EVERYONE". It included crudely drawn stick figures of a man with his arms stretched out, Frankenstein-style, chasing some little children. It was ridiculous - almost like saying, "PORN KILLS". We laughed about that for a long time...

    I'm curious to see what other responses you get!

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    1 decade ago

    Porn has made my life more enjoyable, so if I were answering that survey, I would be on the side of NO. My wife is allowed to watch it (though rarely does), and she lets me watch it, but I only do when she's not home. It would be nice to watch it together, but it's so hard to find stuff we both like.

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    1 decade ago

    Porn is not bad if the people are of legal age and are all consenting. It should only be viewed by the same type of people. I don't like my husband watching porn, but I will once in awhile. It's my only double standard.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't believe porn by itself is bad. I have a problem with porn addiction, but then I have a problem with ANY addiction (porn, video games, TV, drugs, alcohol, smoking, you name it). If used sparingly, porn is just entertainment, just as sensible use of alcohol, video games or television is. I would not necessarily want to watch porn in my house, but if my husband chooses to do so pirvately every once in a while, I don't have any objections.

  • 1 decade ago

    Porn is not bad. They also said it is the cause of rapes, child rape, and so forth. They are just trying to get rid of it. And Yes, my spouse watches it and so do I...nothing wrong with nature doing natural doings.

  • 1 decade ago

    If porn is helping you maintain a healthy and sane life, then yes. If you are deceiving yourself into believing you can act out the gymnastics or if it is causing other problems, then porn is bad. You are your best judge.....easy answer...if it hurts others (physically or spiritually or it hurts you in your behaviour....yes it is bad....There are no formulas....

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    I don't think porn is bad, I think it is a healthy, natural thing & if you choose to allow it, then who is it hurting?

    I find it creates a spark in my marriage! Gets the mood going, & in my opinion, it is not bad at all.

    It is only people who are afraid of things they do not know that think it is bad!

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