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Do you think ford the symbol will go up or down?


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    Ford's sales performance has been on the declining for a while now and that has also resulted in a very lukewarm stock performance struggling to stay afloat.

    Ever since it's drop towards the end of 2005, it has been in a primary down trend until a gap down at the end of April 2006 lands it on a strong hard support level around $5.00.

    As the saying goes, the trend is your friend. The trend is definitely sideways for Ford for now and unless it finds enough energy to break its 200MA to topside, there remains little reason for it to go into a rally.

    Do not ever try to predict or speculate a direction. Watch it intently if you are interested in this stock and move only when it does. Do not try to pre-empt or predict its movements.

    The market is no place for soothsayers... remember that.

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