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Is there no end to the vile behavior of Rush Limbaugh, ridiculing Michael Fox?

Fox has made a commercial for stem cell research. The Big Bag of Wind berated Fox for exaggerating his movements from the disease he has, as tho Michael could control his body..

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  • toff
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    1 decade ago
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    Don't knock what Rush has done. His idiotic behaviour has turned the locally run ad for a candidate in the state of Missouri into a national topic. Stem cell research has again become a topic on news shows in every state. Fox's ad airs repeatedly on national news show right along side of Rush's imbecillic response. He has given Fox a national forum, and displayed his ignorance about the disease all at the same time.

    Rush obviously isn't aware of the fact that if Fox did not take his maedicine (as he accused him of doint) it would not make him more agitated. It would cause the muscles to begin shutting down until he was immobile. The medicine keeps the muscles stimulated and causes the look of agitation.

    Thanks to comedian Rush Limbaugh more people will learn about the disease, about stem cell research, and about what an idiot Rush can be.

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    Personally, if I was the spokesperson for Parkinson's Disease, I would do whatever I could to increase awareness of the effects of this disease. After all, I would be hoping for a cure myself. Even if that meant exagerating the symptoms. Someone out there has those symptoms or even much worse, and I would represent them as well.

    But that's me. I would be frustrated and desperate. Despite this, I have a feeling that Mr. Fox has much more integrity than me and wouldn't feel it necessary to do that. Rush on the other hand seems outraged that Fox would use his affliction for political reasons. What I suspect he is really outraged about is that "Liberals" are catching on to the techniques of the "Conservatives" who are generally successful through their ruthless campaigns. They will show aborted fetuses in their ads, but somehow are offended when someone exhibits the symptoms of a disease and asks for help. Such a double standard.

    It might be uncomfortable for some to watch a beloved TV star with such a debilitating disease, but that's what this fight is really all about. It's too bad that there is still no hope for people suffering, like Rush Limbaugh, from a severe lack of tact.

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    I have enjoyed Michael J Fox's acting and wish him no harm, but this whole situation has been blown way out of proportion. If you don't like Rush Limbaugh then quit listening to him. If you didn't actually hear what Limbaugh said, then you're just blind sheep parroting the latest rant and drivel from the left.

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    I heard what Rush said, he wasn't making fun of him, he was just saying that was probably exaggerating, since he had never seen him like that. As soon as (right after the next commercial) he learned that Fox sometimes changes his meds to make a point, he apologized (I'd say within 5 minutes of the original comment).

    But his other point is that once you enter the political ring, you open yourself up to criticism.

    This is interesting because when George Clooney made fun of Charlton Heston's Alzheimer's he refused to apologize, saying that as head of the NRA, Heston deserves to be made fun of. NOBODY in the press reacted negatively to that incident. I guess some people are above criticism and others are not. Interesting.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Vile and sesnsational, that's what makes a show like his popular. That brings in big bucks. Simple, straightforward news reporting like NPR radio that lets a person draw his own conclusions, but it's boring and dimwits who like Limbaugh might not comprehend if someone doesn't tell them what they're supposed to think.

  • 1 decade ago

    Rush uses his bully pulpit to spread hatred and ridicule. He has no class. A draft dodging shill for the far right. I'm very happy his pilonidal cyst is doing so much better. He should be made chairman of their next charity drive.

    Source(s): Pilonidal cyst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • 1 decade ago

    Rush Limbaugh needs to retire he has enough problems of his own without critcizeing those who are looking for a cure for their disease.

  • 1 decade ago

    You obviously don't get it. If anyone has any inkling of a flaw or defect, then Rush is entitled to insult, condemn, and generally heckle from his soapbox. However, if Rush himself shows any weakness (prescription drug abuse anyone?), then no one else is allowed to talk down to him. That's just how it works.

  • Andrew
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    1 decade ago

    I'm not surprised by Limbaugh's behavior. What consistently amazes me is that anybody listens.

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    It was a little odd for MJF to shake more than normal though.. I heard his interview with Katie this morning and I still am a little skeptical.... I dont know what to think.. I really don't care to be truly honest with you.

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