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Topic:The advantages of school uniform




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    The advantages of school uniforms

    There are many advantages and disadvantages on school uniform. but I'm going to talk about the advantages of school uniform.

    Firstly, some people think that school uniform saves them money. This is because uniforms are all the same no matter what age you are. So if I have a younger brother or sister, my school uniform can be passed on to them so my parents will not have to spend more money on new ones that. However, this only requires to some families.

    Secondly, school uniforms will stop students being judged on how they look. Because uniforms are the same at school, students can not be judged one how they look with there uniform. Uniforms will make it harder for cliques to form. If your in the same school, you can not say you are better dresses then your classmates. This will stop students being bullied at school.

    Finally, a school uniform makes it easier to identify who is our school pupil and who is not, this will increase the security of the school. Making the school a safer place to be. We need this because there has be cases that involves students from other schools coming into the school and bully pupils at school, and no-one can identify who they are and were they come from. Same things happen out of school, mostly on public transports. For example on the Bus, pupils mess around on the bus or do graffiti on the bus. The bus driver will recognized the students and what school he or she has come from.

    To summaries, the advantages of school uniform are:

    * School uniform saves them money

    *school uniforms will stop students being judged on how they look

    *school uniforms makes it easier to identify who is our school pupil and who is not, this will increase the security of the school

    However, there are disadvantages about school uniform, but it's much safer to go with the uniform. You may not like it, but uniforms are here for you. They are here to make life better and safer for your sake.

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    Nowadays, most students in Hong Kong need to wear school uniform. Apparently, there are a lot of advantages of wearing it. What are they? Let's discuss the advantages of school uniform now.

    Wearing school uniform makes you save time for choosing what to wear before going to school. You do not need to worry about what to wear to school every day. You do not have to decide wearing a gold tee or a pink tee is more eye-catching.

    Besides, we can avoid comparison on clothing between students. You cannot judge others clothing style because all the students wear the same uniform in your school. You cannot compare whether he/she is rich by his/her clothing. It avoids comparison, and reduces embarrassment between students.

    You can save money buying variety of clothes to go to school if you can wear your school uniform. If you do not have a school uniform to wear, you would need to buy many different clothes because most teenagers like to dress differently every day, especially, in front of their friends or schoolmates. They would not want to have the same dressing every day. So, they would try to buy many different clothes, and then they can have a different look more often. Having a school uniform can reduce this kind of spending because they do not need to dress casually in front of their schoolmates very often.

    Team spirit will be increased if the whole team wears the same uniform. School uniform makes students have the feeling that they are a team. They will have a stronger feeling that they belong to the school.

    Actually, wearing school uniform brings convenience to both parents and students. It can help parents to save money, help students to save time and avoid comparison between them. School uniform can also increase students' team spirit. Wearing school uniform has lots of pros, let's start and love your uniform from now on!


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    The point on the advantages of having school uniform is

    we can save up a lot of time for choosing what to wear everyday

    we do not need to buy fancy clothes for school so we can save a lot of money on it Then you just put all the comments of yourself to fill it up.

    Are uniforms a symbol of a school? Does wearing a uniform have a special meaning for students? Is it necessary for students to wear them? I think these questions are difficult to answer. People are confused about this issue.

    Although I feel people should have the right to choose what they want to wear, I also think wearing uniforms has many advantages. If students wear uniforms, they will remember that they are students and they will always be reminded of what students should or shouldn't do.

    In addition I think it is important that students pay more attention to their school work than to their clothes. Caring too much about how they dress shouldn't be a big concern for students. If they wear uniforms, they don't have to worry about what they wear.

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