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My friends and I had played lots of funny games by Halloween tradition. We played ' Trick or treating' game which went to the neighbor’s house to get some sweets, but I didn't get any sweets when played 'Trick or Treating' and I didn't feel unhappy; on the contrary, I felt so glad.

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    Going to your neighbours to ask for sweets is the thing that we do when we go trick or treating. We have in fact only mentioned one game in your passage, so you can't say you have played lots of funny games.

    My friend and I (have) played the traditional Halloween game 'Trick or Treating'. We went to our neighbours' houses to ask for sweets. Although I haven't been given many sweets, I was not disappointed at all, on the other hand, I quite enjoyed the game.

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    My friends and I played a lot of fun games in honour of halloween. We wen trick or treating, a tradition where kids go to their neighbours' houses to ask for sweets. I didn't get any sweets though, the funny thing was I didn't feel bad, on the contrary I felt ok.

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