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一個好的展覽會,除了觀察之外,亦要提供 觸覺,味覺及聽覺。





首先,我參觀了百萬年前的香港,從前的香港周圍只是一堆岩石,但展覽中,它陳列了不同種類的岩石,令參觀人士可以親手觸摸它們,留下更深入的印象。除此之外,裹面還有一個細小的影片室,提供了一段有關百萬年前的香港,若人們想更深入認識香港的話,他們可以進仕影片room to watch it.

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    A good exposition, besides the observation, also must provide the sense of touch, the sense of taste and the sense of hearing. What meaning? ? Looks like this this history display, it except let us provide very many cultural relics, but also designed very many many Yuan Hua the design to cause visits the public figure to obtain more knowledge, more entertainment. When I enter the underground display, front already had to look like the time (to rest) said that, let you have one kind of body in the different space and time feeling, first, I visited million year ago Hong Kong, around the former Hong Kong was only pile of rocks, but displayed, it exhibited the different type rock, the command visited the public figure to be allowed personally to touch them, made a more thorough impression. In addition, binds the surface also to have a tiny movie room, has provided a section of related million year ago Hong Kong, if the people want thoroughly to know Hong Kong the speech, they may enter to the movie room to watch it.

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    Besides observation, a good exhibition must provide the sense of touch, the sense of taste and the sense of hearing as well.

    What does that mean?

    Just like the Exhibition of History this time, not to mention the cultural relics it provided, different kind of diversify design can let visitors perceive much more knowledge and entertainment.

    When I got the underground section, I found that the atmosphere in front made me feel like being in the subway of time and made me feel like being in different space-time.

    First, I had visited Hong Kong in million years ago. At that time, Hong Kong was just full of rocks. However, different kinds of rocks were shown in the exhibition, and it was impressive that visitors could touch those rocks by hand. Further more, a tiny audio room could also be found. If provided a movie of Hong Kong in million years before. If you wanted to know Hong Kong more deeply, you might enter the room and enjoy the movie.

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