What should we do if we want to be healthy?

Please help me!

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    There are several aspects of things you can do.

    1/ Diet

    a balanced diet is very important, you should follow the food pyramid for your daily diet, and take in more vegetables and fruits, drink more fluids.

    on the other hand, the time of meals is also important, it's better to keep them regular

    and when you are eating, dont eat only when you get very hungry or you will always eat too much

    and eat slowly, not too quickly, or you'll end up eating a lot and the food cannot be chewed enough before going down the stomach and this could cause more stress to the work of your stomach

    2/ another important aspect is exercise

    you should do regular exercise, best to be 30 mins every day

    if cannot do 30 mins in one go, you can also do it separately

    the exercise you do must be ones which can cause you to sweat a lot and breathing more quickly. otherwise they are not really exercises.

    3/ lifestyle

    you way of handling the matters of daily life and your stress is also very important

    stress can cause your immunity to depress and makes you more susceptible to infections.

    taking enough rest is vital for a healthy life too

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