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Sober殿 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



take place、hold、be held、happen、occur的意義及用法


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    happen, occur, take place --->不能用被動。 take place (舉行) 的同義單字hold, 則可以有主動和被動例如:When was the meeting held?  We held the meeting yesterday. 以下英文解釋摘錄自 Collins Cobuild Dictionary You say that an event takes place. 一般事件的發生可以用 take place例如: A second revolution in fashion took place just after World War I.Happen and occur have a similar meaning, but they can only be used to talk about events which were not planned.  happen, occur  -->意思類似 ,都是指一般事情的發生 ; 但只可用在 非事先計畫好的事件 事先計畫的事情的 發生 不能用 happen, occur Usage:It is usually regarded as incorrect to talk of pre-arranged events occurring or happening: the wedding took place (not occurred or happened) in the afternoon . can use take place to talk about either planned or unplanned events.  事先計畫好的事情或非事先計畫好的事情 都可用 take place Hold is used with nouns such as party, meeing, talks, election, and trial to indicate that people are organizing a particular activity. hold (舉行)通常和含有特別的組織活動含義的名詞一起使用 如party 派對, meeing會議, talks會談, election選舉, and trial審判 例如:The country will hold democratic elections within a year. The talks will take place in Vienna. 

    Source(s): Collins Dictionary + Internet
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    整理如下:take place=be held例句The graduation party will TAKE PLACE on June 14th.同樣意思The graduation party will BE HELD on June 14th.happen和occur的關係Occur通常指具體的事物。例如: Natural desasters caused by wind and water may occur.Happen通常指抽象的事物. 例如:   Winning one million dollars may happen to you.hold和take place[be held]的關係hold為主動Ted holds the party.take place[be held]為被動The party is held by Ted.=The party  takes place by Ted.

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