is there yahoo earth like google earth?

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    Google earth is a Class by itself. I am not seeing any Yahoo earth. I serched the net. Please give the link by editing your question as additional information. i waould like to see.

    however about goole earth - see -

    Google Earth is a free-of-charge, downloadable virtual globe program. It maps the earth by superimposing images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe.

    Formerly known as Earth Viewer, Google Earth was developed by Keyhole, Inc., a company Google acquired in 2004. The product was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and is currently available for use on personal computers running Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP, Mac OS X 10.3.9 and above, and Linux (released on June 12, 2006), and FreeBSD. In addition to releasing an updated Keyhole based client, Google also added the imagery from the Earth database to their web based mapping software.

    Many large cities are available in a resolution high enough to see individual buildings, houses, and even cars. In cities such as London, Washington DC, and Seattle, individual people can be clearly discerned. The degree of resolution available is based somewhat on the points of interest, but all land is covered in at least 15 meters of resolution.[1] Las Vegas, NV, Cambridge, MA, and Fulton County, NY have the highest resolution, at six inches. Google Earth allows users to search for addresses (for the USA, Canada, and Europe only), enter coordinates, or simply use the mouse to browse to a location.

    Google Earth also has digital terrain model data collected by NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. This means one can view the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest in three dimensions, instead of 2D like other map programs/sites. In addition, Google has provided a layer allowing one to see 3D buildings for many major cities in the US.

    Many people using the applications are adding their own data and making them available through various sources such as the BBS or blogs mentioned in the link section below.

    Google Earth is available in a free version, and in licensed versions for commercial use. See also Keyhole Markup Language (KML).

    Google Earth is designed for complete ease and efficiency. It has a short tutorial on how to use it and a control panel below the main window.

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    After doing a search like to search for a google earth I did not find a yahoo earth.

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    Probably in the future will be a software like google earth made by yahoo!

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