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Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding Michael J. Fox commercial?

Michael J. Fox (who has Parkinson's disease) has commerical on tv asking people to support stem cell research. Rush Limbaugh states he obviously was faking his symptoms (shaking and rocking side to side) while filming the commercial. Do you agree or disagree, and if so, why?

Personally, I think Rush Limbaugh should be ashamed of himself. Bet he would feel differently if he was afflicted with the disease.

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    On his website, Rush offers a back-handed appology stating that Fox didn't fail to take his medication but rather that he took too much. What an idiot. Even though this might be true, the implication is that he feels that this was an intentional act to ellicit more sympathy from viewers.

    Why shouldn't Fox be able to speak about (or display symptoms of) this disease? Those opposed to embryonic stem cell research would love to remove the human "face" of victims who suffer from neurological diseases and who might be helped by this research. They consider it to be playing outside the rules in this battle. However, they have no problem using images of aborted fetuses to promote their views. That apparently is OK for them.

    The morallity concerning the use of embryos for this research has been addressed many times before in this forum. The embryos that are used in research are slated to be discarded anyway. They are from "in-vitro" fertilization clinics which produce extras for their clients. Rather than throw them out, why not use them to research a possble cure for disease? That's basically the choice here. Throw them out or use them to perhaps cure a disease.

    I'm sure if Rush Limaugh or a member of his immediate family had Parkinson's Disease, he would view things differently.

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    Even if it's true that Michael J. Fox went off his meds for the ad, it doesn't lessen the severity of his disease or the importance of his message. My father suffers from Parkinson's disease, and even with medication he has difficulty walking, talking, and performing other tasks. What Michael J. Fox presented was not sensationalized in any way; it was the grim reality of his condition, a condition that affects a large number of people worldwide. Stem cell research is the most promising hope for an effective treatment, and selfish, self-righteous, pompous bastards like Rush Limbaugh have no right to criticize unless they've suffered from it themselves and know the misery of living with the disease every day. I sincerely hope Rush gets a severe case and has to eat his words.

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    How can Rush Limbaugh be so cold as to criticize and humiliate Michael j. fox for political speech? Honestly, i am not an extreme liberal or anything, but his listeners should have some common sense and know how much of a huge contradiction that Rush is. Also, I studied stem cell research in my Ethics class and all i can say is that these conservatives are going to far with this abortion thing.

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    Rush Limbaugh must have not done any research on Parkinson's Disease. I know first hand what goes on. My best friend "Sue" has Parky (as we call it) and she takes Sinemet (Levodopa/Carbidopa) which has high risk long term side effects such as, involuntary movements (Dyskinesia) rocking side-to-side, jerking etc, confusion and abnormal movements. Sue said "Limbaugh said he was faking? I WISH we COULD fake it. When "Sue's husband is at work she will call me if she needs any help (I go to her house everyday anyway I love her company) She can do a lot of things on her own it's the smaller things that give her trouble such as, separating her pills, writing (most the time imposable) you get the idea. I don't look at her as if she has a woman with an awful disease I look at her as a loving, caring woman who has a beautiful character. So as for Limbaugh maybe if he was like "Sue" more people would like him.

    Source(s): My best friend has Parkinson's disease but it doesn't have her.
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    It's not a matter of opinion. Rush Limbaugh was unquestionably wrong because that's how Parkinson's disease works.

    This story makes me think that I would really hate to be a radio show host. How often does he do his show? Five or six days a week? I can't imagine doing that for so many years and still finding something to talk about. Those guys have to habitually form opinions about things they do not fully understand or they won't be able to fill up the time in their show. That, of course, will always offend someone that knows you're wrong and mislead everyone else.

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    Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. When you have Parkinson's you become very stiff and have a hard time moving at all with the exception of tremors in your hands. So the fact that Michael J Fox was moving the way he was it because he IS taking his medication.

    Limbaugh needs to do his research before he spouts off his big fat mouth. They will give ANYONE a radio show! What a jerk.

    Source(s): Me - work with people suffering from Parkinson's
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    heard what Rush said the day he said it. What he said was he had never seen M.J.F. in that condition before so he questioned whether he was acting or had not taken his meds. He also said he has seen him on Boston Legal and he was never swaying like that. He then went to a commercial break. When he came back he immediatley said he recieved calls and emails from his listeners that they have seen him like that (I have too). Side note - when acting, M.J.F. will do things to minimize the tremors - like keep his hands in his pockets, incorporate the tremors in his movemnts, etc. M.J.F. has also admitted in his book that when he wants to emphasize the effects of Parkinsons, he won't take his meds on purpose. Rush then admitted he was wrong for saying what he said, and sincerely and profundly apologized directly to M.J.F. Unlike most of you, if not all of you, I heard it live. You're probably only getting portions of it from Howard Stern or Michael Moore. He made a mistake, he admitted it, he apologized, now move on with your life. He also said the type of stem cell research M.J.F. is talking about is NOT the kind that will help him. It's the same thing that created Dollie the Sheep, and is human cloning, so Rush was wondering if M.J.F. was duped into promoting it. And just FYI, the Gov't isn't opposed to Stem Cell research, they're opposed to paying for it. Clean out your ears. Here's the link to the sound byte. Listen for yourself.

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    I have never seen anything as loathsome as that. Rush should be ashamed of himself, people might make mistakes when they misinterpret what others are saying, but to watch Limbaugh impersonate (copy) M. J. Fox was a shame, it was very clear that he was making fun of M.J.F. He is a disgrace to humanity. Shame on you Rush..... hope u get something similar and get to see people making fun of you. Get your head outta your **** and look around - this world is not all democrats and Republican - there is more to it.

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    I think Limbaugh should be ashamed of himself as well. I heard he apologized during the SAME broadcast in which he also accused Fox of faking.

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    He should be ashamed of himself. Whether he agrees with MJF's politics or causes or not, he has no right to make fun of his affliction by imitating his uncontollable movements. What a bastard!

    He became a drug addict after bashing drug addicts. Now what will happen to him when he bashes the handicapped?

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