What's your opinion of teflon coating on cookware?

We have very nice Revere Ware cookware that we got as a wedding present. My mom is worried because it is coated with teflon. Should we worry about this? What's the deal? If this is not good cookware, then what is best to use?

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    The Teflon coating is safe.

    1. Use non-metallic utensils

    2. Hand wash only, The grit from the dishwasher detergent will sand blast the Teflon off.

    3. Use some kind of oil, butter or broth as food will not brown as good on Teflon as it does on stainless steel and aluminum.

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    Teflon is 100% safe or it would not be on your pans. Over the past 40 years, there is only one published account of a minor health effect, reversible flu-like symptoms, as a result of severely overheating non-stick cookware. Teflon cookware is formulated and quality tested to resist peeling or chipping, which will only occur if cookware is misused. However, in the event that particles from Teflon cookware are accidentally eaten, there is no danger. These particles are non-toxic. If eaten, they pass directly through the body and are not absorbed. The FDA has stated that eating Teflon particles does not pose a health hazard.

    Teflon has advantages and disadvantages for flavor and ease of use. A small amount of sticking is needed to cause flavorful browning (called a glaze); adding liquid to lift the glaze from the pot is called deglazing. Additionally, nonstick pans cannot be used at high temperatures. On the other hand, they are easier to clean than other types of pots, and do not often result in burned food. When frying in pans without such a coating, it is usually necessary to use vegetable or animal fat to prevent sticking.

    Nonstick coatings tend to degrade over time, and require vigilant care and attention. In order to preserve the nonstick coating of a pan, it is important never to use metal implements in the pan while cooking, or harsh scouring pads or chemical abrasives when cleaning.

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    There are some people who think that teflon is not a safe cooking surface, however that is not true. I do not care for teflon, or most coated cookware, but that is a personal preferance. If you already have them, I would use them.

    A word of warning- despite what the manufacturer might tell you in the materials, DO NOT USE METAL IN THESE PANS... (forks, spoons, spatulas, etc.)

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    I've heard that unless it's damaged (i.e. scratches or loose coating that can get into your food) it's safe however I try to use it as little as possible because: a) I don't care what they say, I don't want more chemicals in my food than I already have and; b) Using regular cookware just seems to make the food taste better (probably because of the butter and olive oil I use to make it non-stick) EDIT: KK, an item being on the market does not mean it's safe.

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    Teflon is good cookware but i perfer iron skilets and pans and pots but its each to his or her own preference but i have notice with teflon coating it does after a while it will come off and its not good to eat it. Happy cookin

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    It's ok cookware. Unless you have piles of money or unless it's a huge deal to you then I would just use it until it starts to flake off- then its no good and not good for your body. There are a bunch of good sets out there. William and Sonoma has great pricey sets that are pretty high quality.

    I got a circulon set I paid $200 for and they are starting to warp- its been 5 years- but non the less- they are warping.

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    teflon does flake off. that nice nonstick quality to those pots won't last more than a year or two. i had some. i ended up throwing them all out peice by peice. i kept the large saucepan the longest becasue it was a great pasta pot but eventually the pasta came out looking like it was peppered. i had to throw it.

    in my opinion the best pots you can buy are either magnalite, which my granny bought the year i was born. they still look brand new. or wearever. you can get both of these at walmart. i got wearever pots for christmas one year and i love them. they are awesome. good luck.

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    I'ts my understanding the old teflon coating (that eventually broke down and you ended up eating it) was bad for you.

    The teflon pans today are much better. Just remember ( don't use metal spatulas on them.

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    Teflon is okay for most, but if you keep pet birds BECAREFUL!

    If teflon is overheated(accidently left on the stove) it can emmit fumes, which are deadly to avian pets! Avian's are sensitve to any kind of fume, so this is really only a concern if you keep birds.

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    my chef advises me that it is safe to use as long as there are no scratches on the nonslip surface, if it is scratched you can have it repaired but this is a costly process, he tells me that it is possible to have the coating removed on some of the more higher quality cookware and still have a good cooking surface.

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